• MythSky

    Please use the navnodes

    March 23, 2017 by MythSky

    When you edit gunpages, please refer to the Correct navnode at the bottom. These are listed under templates.

    I have created the following :

    I will add one for the Fortune Stars in the near future. Thanks!

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  • Kentawnwillyams

    Skin Database

    March 4, 2017 by Kentawnwillyams

    In case you haven't seen it yet, I created a skin database with high-res photos of nearly every skin in the game (and then some). Use these for the main photo on weapon articles

    Skin Database

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  • Kentawnwillyams

    If you are editing articles and putting in a draw speed/reload speed for weapons, make sure that you don't have any characters, armor or held items equipped, as these CAN effect those speeds for weapons. Thank you :)

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  • MythSky

    Admin Rights on AVA Wikia

    February 22, 2017 by MythSky

    As most of you guys know, EUY has not been active around the Wikia for quite a while now. With the current event running for the AVA Wikia Revival, I was hoping to obtain the admin rights for this page so we can update the stuff on the main page as well!

    The request was made above, so I hope you guys will support me for it. If I do get appointed, I hope to select a few more admins to make sure the Wikia stays alive and gets bigger :)

    Thanks for the support!


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  • MythSky

    I'd like to discuss the upcoming update. We have quite a few things coming, so let me list them.

    Link :


    • Arena comes in to replace match channel
    • 6 new cash primaries
    • Voice chat


    • Quickmatch mode with a max party queue of 5
    • Rank requirement : 2nd Lieutenant 1st class
    • Rewards at the end of each mission with a Luger P08 Grace (perm) as jackpot item
    • RP will start counting again, but no additional rewards

    New primaries

    • Mk.18 Stellar Sea
    • MP7A1 Cross Patonce
    • Diemaco C7A2 Maple Damask
    • AK47 Volt
    • Scar-L Trooper
    • AI ACX-360

    Voice Chat

    • Voice chat has been added to the game
    • Range of 15 meters

    What are you guys most excited about? For me it definitely is arena with a great rank requirement!

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  • Moersell

    That's me

    August 20, 2016 by Moersell

    Hey =) My name is Marcel, I'm 19 years old and from Germany. Currently I am abroad until next year April.... I've been playing A.V.A. since IJJI times and also had several breaks. Former accounts(forgot data, not banned): Asdera2 & Spritz95, currently: Moersell And yeah that's it for now...

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  • The Watermelon Man

    This includes the weapon's list:

    Adding more Fortune star guns and items

    Stay consistent with the newer updates.

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  • Covolsky

    ello faithful people of the AVA wikia.... i have a question about IJJI/AVA that i haven't got an answer for quite some time...

    Who The Hell Made Alliance Of Valiant Arms???

    cuz all i got... was NHN corp. and Red Duck Inc. ...

    please do answer me as soon as posible :D


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  • Unkhowman

    ____This personal blog is mostly about the weapon statistics in AVA I've been record and measure for 2 years. Sadly, as the SEA-AVA is now closed , and my university life is now getting more and more intense. I decided to end the project (at least, for now) and publish the result of my finding, it may be not the best , or correct compared to other findings.


    1. I measured the rate of fire from the weapon's "attack interval" (time between shot) 

    2. The measurement were taken from a video, which has been recorded at 30 FPS (in-game record). Frames rounding will affect the measurement, anything more sensitive than 0.1 second and rate of fire will be an aproximate number, not an actual one.

    3. Weapon's name/ modification may varies betwe…

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  • Unkhowman

    Since I played AVA, I've been doing a project on measuring weapon rate of fire and it's magnification (I called the latter as "many-magnification project" ) and posted on the webboard of "Thailand AVA" .But now, the game is going to be close on December 15th, as well as the game's webboard . So I decided to move the project's content to here  by creating my personal blog and just copy-paste it. But before I do it, I have a question, should I do it?  even though  most of the information is not listed in the weapon's status (such as rate of fire, draw time and reload time) but for me, the information I have may be "too personal" and may not be suitable for wikia. So I decide to ask you and admin, should I do it or not. if I can, how should I…

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  • EUY

    Hello editors!

    As most of you have probably noticed, I haven't been too active recently. This has been due to real life commitments. However, I intend to dedicate more of my spare time towards cleaning-up and improving the Wikia in preparation for a huge content update I will be primarily fuelling. This does not change the fact that the Wikia is still free to be edited by anybody. Constructive edits are still welcome – there are many of you still editing who have contributed a great deal to the expansion of the site.

    With that said though, there has also been a significant amount of detrimental edits, and not many people around with the power to combat this kind of vandalism. It's for this reason you're likely to see a great deal of articles d…

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  • Unkhowman

    According to the recent post from Asiasoft (Distributor for SEA [Yes, and Thai server as well] version of AVA)

    The AVA game of South-East asia server will be discontinued in December 15th, 2014 as the game developer refused to extend the distribution licence of the game.

    Source (Thai Language, Google translate doesn't work):


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  • Covolsky

    hello ever-player! it is i! the great and magnificant Covolsky!

    im just chippin' in to see if it is safe to return from the great and Elite Migration from AVA...

    here is a good start!:

    did aeria decrease the prices of all weapons by 95% or at least make them permanent???

    did aeria stop making cheesy guns or removed the web mall??

    did aeria fix match making and fixed the North American servers?

    if there is a NO to one question, that means it is not even close to safe for ANYONE to Return to AVA...

    if the answer is NO to ALL questions then i suggest you come and join the Elite Migration with us!! or you can stay and hope to earn around 60$ for this month so you can buy an AK-47 for, hmm, maybe another 30 days? or have your account Banned because yo…

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  • Mr. Octus

    Was browsing for news a learned that Alliance of Valiant Arms will be celebrating it's 7th anniversary the 30th and they have something special planned. You can view the event here on the Korean site.

    I'll upload the video when it's released.


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  • Zafa07

    Remington or Ots

    June 15, 2014 by Zafa07

    Hello players, like an opinion of you. I'm not sure when purchasing a Remington OTS14 or R4 to be my low recoil rifle. I would like to hear from you about it.

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  • MaverickHunterX1

    I'm new!

    May 15, 2014 by MaverickHunterX1

    Hey people. I'm new here and am just looking for some people to play with! I hope I can really contribute to the wiki.

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  • Far2close

    Duplicated Pages

    April 17, 2014 by Far2close

    If you want to make a weapon page, MAKE SURE THERE IS NOT ONE ALREADY MADE. If the name is a bit wrong, don't make a new one; rename it. 

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  • ComradeOscar

    Purpose of Euros?

    April 15, 2014 by ComradeOscar

    Hello, AVA Wiki community! Most of you probably don't know me, so I'll just reintroduce myself as the user, ComradeOscar. I use to obsessively play AVA when I first encountered it, but after some computer changes I wasn't able to keep it that way. Just recently I found out my laptop can run it, and needless to say it's taken over my life again. (Cite Far2close as reference) 

    A lot has changed since I last played, namely the Weapon Shop and Capsule Shop. I see that you can't buy weapons for permanent duration via Euros, and nothing else has really been put forth to replace that. So what's there to buy with Euros now? I'm seriously considering just buying the mercs for as long as possible because they also took out the individual boxes you cou…

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  • Covolsky

    ok... ok...

    why is out wikia being RAIDED BY EXTREEMLY USLESS advertisements?!?!?!?

    Insert answer






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  • 3DG-1337


    February 12, 2014 by 3DG-1337

    So it's me 3DG-1337 back again and I recently saw a wiki just like this one.

    Has the same name and everything.

    What's the deal?I could not tell the difference.

    Anyway how have you all been,I know it's been a while since I have been on here.

    What's recently been updated?

    Got to know.

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  • Far2close

    So recently, I checked my email to find one from Aeria stating that my account is suspended for billing inactivity. I haven't used any AP for what 7 months? Sheesh Aeria, getting greedy here, I got to buy something with AP to keep my account out of suspension??? 

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  • PCEN713

    What is this?

    January 8, 2014 by PCEN713
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  • Mr. Octus

    Hey guys,

    I see wikia finally (after many months) launched the new fluide width layout, if you see something broken then just post it below and I'll look into it.


    --FireDart (talk) 05:36, December 6, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Covolsky

    Dear Wikia "Contributors"

         Hello people of AVA, I ,Covolsky, am happy to announce an idea! {if you are not u should annouce one your self!}

         the idea is that before we do something on the wikia we announce what page/ edit/ ideas/ what should be removed/ a random thing you want to mention... Etc Etc...

             Example #1: someone edited the SPAS-12 page to make the gun look like it's a bad weapon od choise! i like the SPAS-12 and i though i might tweak it about... does anyone mind?

             or maybe

             Example #2: this girl to the left of every wikia page on AVA has really weird thin looking finggers! can some one photo-shop it? {she can be seen with a wide screen computer}

             Example #3: this guy who wrote a WHOLE blog cant …

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  • 3DG-1337


    September 23, 2013 by 3DG-1337

    Well I guess that since I have to go to a publoc library to get on here.I just can't take it anymore I have got to get a new comp so i can play games like AVA and CA.If you wonder what music I like,it's rock btw and no I will not always know what to say when I do these blogs,it just comes from the top of my head so,ditto...RS here I come.

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  • 3DG-1337

    Back from absence.

    September 5, 2013 by 3DG-1337

    Hi guys,sorry I havent been on in a while,just been trying to get my school work outta my way.Anyway what has happened since I last blogged and is AVA still a good game to try?

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  • Ephys

    I want to contribute from AVA-Sea which derivated from AVA Aeria 

    Where should i start ?

    since there's lot of differences on this wikia.

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  • Jandeman


    August 9, 2013 by Jandeman

    hello everyone

    i am jan

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  • PCEN713

    Timed/Permanent Weapons

    July 26, 2013 by PCEN713

    I would like to propose the idea where next to the price tag, you put [Permanent] if the gun is permanent and [Timed: --Days] if the gun is timed. This will allow AVA wiki users to know whether the weapon is timed or not. Despite this being just a minor change, this can also help keep track which weapons were updated to the new June 05 content update price change. An example of this would be the MK23 Socom. Take a look at the bar to the right to see the [Permanent] tag next to the price of Euros, AP, and Gcoins. This is a case whereas the weapon is permanent. For example, if the MK23 Socom was timed for 30 days at a lowered price of 18,000 euros, then it would be: Euros   18,000 [Timed: 30 Days] . Just a suggestion, and the "permanent" wor…

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  • PCEN713


    July 24, 2013 by PCEN713

    Feel free to comment anything below :D

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  • Malkowitch

    Few days ago I was reading interview with main GM of UAVA - GMvash. It looks like there is no way, perment weapons will go back in near future. To say more, it is almost sure all new weapons in euroshop will be timed. So i propose to start updating weapons prices.

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  • EUY

    Introducing: The "New" Tag!

    June 21, 2013 by EUY

    Hello editors!

    You may have noticed in the recent wiki activity page that I've made a couple of strange edits, each with the summary: "adding "new" tag". Don't be scared! It's something you could get used to. Here's how it works...

    In the past, we've utilised the "stub" tag, which makes the familiar bar appear at the top of an article:

    However, at this time, that tag is currently being used on 230 articles. Considering that this Wikia is relatively small (398 articles total), I felt that we needed a new tag to alert editors of pages that are really in need of help.

    Therefore I'd like to introduce a new tag... the so-called "new" tag! The banner created is shown below:

    Where the "stub" tag is summoned by typing , and the "stub" tag for less serio…

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  • 3DG-1337

    My Suggestions

    June 10, 2013 by 3DG-1337

    Well it's me again.I think I can help add some ideas which my add to the popularity of this wiki.Okay,first,add animations to the trivia on weapons.I know some people want to know how the gun looks like when it is in action.Others want to see whether it is a cool weapon to be going around with and killing all those QQing noobs.Second, I think commenting would be a great addition to this wiki.It will help give you an idea what others think about what's going on.Instead of just fixing problems yourself,you can instantly find the problem and handle it immediately instead of just guessing what the problem is and starting others.Well that's all I got now,it's what I recommend for this sight,you can add it or not,maybe it may help expand this wi…

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  • EUY

    Since it has now been well over a month since this update was implemented, this blog post is now outdated. You are now encouraged to update any gun page affected by the 5 June 2012 timed guns update. Thank you for your patience in waiting to see if this patch would be reversed.

    Hello Wikia editors!

    As you may have heard, A.V.A has recently undergone a very controversial patch. While this included the expected updates (a guns and a new map...), it also dramatically changed the euro shop so that a large amount of top-tier weapons are now only available for temporary purchase, with the permanent option scrapped. The official description of this patch can be found at this link: The fo…

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  • Bta199


    May 24, 2013 by Bta199

    Hi ! I will guide u in AVA game. 

    Lets start with game modes .

     Demolotion: In this mode are playing 2 teams, in each team from 3 - 8 players. The team in yellow ( EU ) is task to blow up C4 in one of 2 targets. The team in gray ( NRF ) is task to eliminate enemy team or wait until time ( in low top ) ends. If time ends EU lose and NRF wins ( exept if EU blow up C4 ). If one of 2 targets is destroyed EU wins.


    Escort: In this mode are playing 2 teams, in each team from 3 - 8 players. EU are escorting the tank and NRF is task to stop the tank using the Rpg. NOTE: If u picked Rpg u cant use your primary weopon ONLY KNIFE AND PISTOL.


                                                  IM STILL UPGADING THIS GUIDE 


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  • Bta199

    A.V.A Overall Guide

    May 24, 2013 by Bta199

    Hi ! I will guide u in AVA game. 

    Lets start with game modes .

     Demolotion: In this mode are playing 2 teams, in each team from 3 - 8 players. The team in yellow ( EU ) is task to blow up C4 in one of 2 targets. The team in gray ( NRF ) is task to eliminate enemy team or wait until time ( in low top ) ends. If time ends EU lose and NRF wins ( exept if EU blow up C4 ). If one of 2 targets is destroyed EU wins. 

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  • 3DG-1337

    Been gone awhile

    May 15, 2013 by 3DG-1337

    Well I have been gpne a while from this wiki.Don't worry,I'll still be here just on the Combat Arms Wiki a little more.After a while if I get around to it,I'll give you a review on AVA for you guys.Right now,I am in school done with my work listening to Linkin' Park.BTW,do you guys listen to rock?Do you have a favorite band?

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  • 3DG-1337

    Who do you think I most resemble when I am talking?Do i look like a bad person,a good person,an average person?I would like to know.Another thing,I like rock music if anyone was wondering.Let me know if you want me to name the bands I listen to.In the mean time,feel free to message me if there's something you need.

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  • Unkhowman

    It's looks like that KAVA just release the new patch that change most of the weapon stats

    This is what he posted on SEA AVA BBS

    Cash capsule

    - Blue Skull: dmg 90 -> 44

    - Dual TMP: dmg 23 -> 26

    - Kriss Humble V: dmg 35 -> 39

    - M1A1 Thompson: dmg 33 -> 37

    - Trenchgun M1897: dmg 74 -> 43

    Euro capsule

    - AKS-74U Desmodus: dmg 36 -> 34, range: 30 -> 23, acc 41, stab 33 -> 31, mobi 75 -> 77, rof 69 -> 71

    - Bizon Arachne: dmg 31 -> 34, acc 82 -> 81, ammo 64 -> 63

    - Dual Uzi: dmg 24 -> 22

    - MP7A1 Bahamut: dmg 30 -> 34

    - P90 Harimau: dmg 32 -> 34

    Weapon shop

    - AKS-74U: dmg 36 -> 40

    - Benelli M1014: dmg 90 -> 43

    - Bizon PP-19: dmg 31 -> 34

    - Calico M950: dmg 32 -> 36

    - FN TPS: dmg 91 -> 45

    - KBP PP-2000: dmg 32 -> 36, range 20 -> 21

    - Kriss Super V: dmg 34 -> 38

    - K1A1 Ra…

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    hi and gun advice

    May 8, 2013 by FURYXIX

    hi everyone, i just join this wiki 1 days ago and have aready made some contribution. i have a question to ask, what gun should i buy next: the M40A5, the Kelteck, or the Saiga 12.

    i am a mass infection player so the saiga will come in handy.

    i also player sniper map most of the time i'm not in infection so.......

    with all those, i have really ignored the rifflemen class, was thinking of getting the kelteck to play competitively for once.

    so tell me what you thinks :)

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  • Far2close

    Currently here are the weapons I own and should do GIFs on them.

    √ means GIF has been applied to already.

    [] means in progress

    █ means removed from store, unobtainable, or unavailable at this time

    • M4 Spectre √
    • MP5A3 (Default) √
    • Uzi √
    • P90 Harimau √
    • Bizon PP-19
    • SR-3M √
    • Kriss Super V
    • FN TPS
    • Benelli M1014
    • UMP45 √
    • Galil MAR √
    • Striker12 √
    • MP5K Rail
    • MP5SD5 √
    • K1A1 Rail
    • PPSh-41 √
    • Dual TMP √
    • MP7A1 Roswell √
    • MP5K Mod 0 √
    • Blue Skull √
    • OA-93 √

    • G3A3 (Default) √
    • AK-47 √
    • AK-107bis √
    • AK-47 CQB Aka √
    • AK-47 Hawkeye √
    • AK74M √
    • M16A2 Pristis Burst
    • M16A2 Snow Leopard
    • HK416 √
    • Sako RK.95
    • M4A1 Carpio √
    • M4A1 Bumblebee
    • Firefox
    • TAR-21 Tiamat
    • MG4KE √
    • FN-F2000
    • Robinson XCR
    • Kel-Tec RFB
    • L85A2
    • G36
    • G36 Rail
    • Diemaco C7A2
    • M14EBR
    • M14 Fullmoon √
    • AUG-A1
    • M249 Red Tiger √
    • AMD65
    • XM8
    • RX4 Storm
    • SA58 Para
    • SA58 Para Tortoise √
    • AUG-A3
    • FG42…

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  • 3DG-1337

    Wiki help

    May 3, 2013 by 3DG-1337

    Hello everyone,I am new to this wiki and I would like some tips and facts about this wiki.First,why no comments?Second,should i quit Combat Ams and play AVA?And 3rd my birthday was 2 days ago,can I get some well wishes and 4th,I am a rock fan I listen to Three Days Grace,Linkin Park,Guns 'N Roses,Def Leppard,Volbeat,some Shinedown,Disturbed,Evanescence and a lot more,if you hav any questions,leave me a message and I will be sure to get back to you.

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  • Cidemarap

    New tap fire nerf?

    April 25, 2013 by Cidemarap

    Some of you might have heard about that new patch in KAVA. You can check it out at Snowshovel's channel. Apparently, REDDUCK has decided that the best way to counter Macro users is to make it so that tap firing has increased spread, but that already raises some questions. First off, giving tap fire increased spread makes a majority of the high damage rifles near useless if they are not modded for bursting. They are basically killing all of the weapons that require skill. The Kel-Tec, SA58 PARA and M14EBR. Those three weapons were amazing when mastered. Now the new patch makes it so that tapping really fast increases the bloom to levels that rival full auto. People who have tapping speeds of 7 or more will find that tapping is now useless. …

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  • Cidemarap

    The M249 Red tiger has been released and dayum does that spell maximum capacity. 100 rounds in the initial clip is pretty much awesome. Use extra primary ammo and that thing can mow down people in annhililation by prefiring 24/7. I think it's an awesome weapon, but because it is a LMG it is only good for supporting roles, just like how the MG4KE was. Using it in Co-op missions and infection mode is just brutal. The High power it provides, the amazing crouch fire, great range and ammo capacity makes this weapon a beast. Now that the M249 has been released, there are two LMGs so would you people use this gun regularily because of its efficiency in CO-OP?

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  • Cidemarap

    The AVA community is dominated high powered rifles, and low recoil rifles. Now, these two types weapons can be found inside the riflemen class, which is the most versatile class. Both of these types are the polar opposites of each other. The high powered is any rifle that has the stat damage exceed 40, while the low recoil must have stability exceeding 55. Now these two cut off requirements are what I use to classify the weapons, so my opinions will differ from yours. A general overview these two weapons is the high powered rifles come with very high damage and penetration, due to the larger caliber used, longer barrel, or better rifling, but come with the cost of high recoil. Low recoil weapons are generally more easier to manage due to t…

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  • Malkowitch

    If you hate UAV hack as hard as I do please add post in this AVA Forum Thread:

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  • SHADE641

    Wiki Match?

    February 26, 2013 by SHADE641

    I think we should get together an have a match for people on the wiki. We help each other and others out with our contributions, so why not? We could make a game in public and the Channel name could be Wiki or something, and the Password could be something random. Anyone like this idea?

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  • SHADE641


    February 17, 2013 by SHADE641

    One Of My Favorite parts of AVA is the quality of it's sniper gameplay. While players from other games would argue that AVA snipers are "OP", I find them to be VERY fun to use. 1 Shot 1 Kill is how a sniper should be. But with AVA the tag rate is also necessary, because it keeps the whiners from saying "It's not fair that it's always 1 shot". I also see the M40A5 becoming HUGE once it reaches the euro shop. I know I will be in line to buy it. It may even replace the FR-F2 soon as the most seen sniper. 

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  • SHADE641

    My Arival

    January 26, 2013 by SHADE641

    Hello Guys. I am SHADE641 (IGN:ProudShade). I am a professional from 3 Browser based games, which include BeGone, Rush Team Free Multiplayer FPS, and CS portable. I am well known for my capabilities on these games, and want to bring that to AVA. I am also active on YouTube, but not enough that I am well known. I will soon start offerring a 1st Look insight into Weapons, so I can give the first impressions a player new to the weapon would have.

    Hope to see you soon,


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  • Cidemarap

    Crazy as hell. Ever since the M4MKIII was nerfed, I have been seeing more XM8 and Noobington (B)R4s running around games. I have nothing against XM8(Though the firing sound of the R4 is annoying), I just find it sad that they already switch preferences based on practicality and effectiveness. The M4MKIII was a champion because of it's low recoil, great accuracy, reasonable Rpm and versatility, but with the nerf, it's not as popular. The veterans still use it for old times sake, or because it's their favorite, but the scrubs and tryhards go buy the next best thing. BR4 and XM(H)8(ers). So my point is that players are getting way too competetive. They are abandoning the gool ol classics for guns that have overrated performance. It's like tha…

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