Operation: Cannon
Date: September, 2008
Location: Abandoned industrial complex in Tiraspol, Moldova
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
Cannon Overview

A group of resistance fighters supporting Russia against Moldova's independence movement intercepts a nuclear warhead that was smuggled from the NRF by the EU and tries to detonate it in an abandoned industrial complex near the city of Tiraspol, a major settlement of the Transnistria region neighboring a small Eastern European country called Moldova. Although the detonation attempt was successfully prevented by a special task team dispatched from the NRF, the EU is concerned at the prospect of the NRF escalating the situation into more political turmoil. A small EU task force is to be sent to destroy evidence of their crime by retrieving or destroying the warhead.
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Cannon Overview

Map Overview Cannon

Alliance of Valiant Arms - Cannon Nade Spots - by EpicGaming06:52

Alliance of Valiant Arms - Cannon Nade Spots - by EpicGaming

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