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The AVA Capsule Shop
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The Capsule Shop is a server where the player can buy Capsules. Euro Capsules can only be bought at (8) Staff Sergeant 3 and Aeria Point Capsules (FPS Capsule [A.V.A SEA]) can be bought at any rank with both Aeria Points (FPS Points) and other forms of currency. Battle Points are used to lower the price of Euro Capsules only.

List of Capsule Types & ContentsEdit

Monthly CapsulesEdit

Monthly Capsules contain pre-release permanent weapons. They are bought using Aeria Points (FPS Points).

Each item has a certain number of capsules remaining out of the total. For example, if a listing says 187/200, it means that there are 187 capsules remaining out of 200. Only 1 permanent gun can be won from the 187/200 capsule until the capsule count resets back to 200/200.

Each capsule is guaranteed to contain at least some of the items listed, but not necessarily the weapon you're trying to win. A non-winning capsule might contain a grenade, some Euros, and a piece of armor. The same consolation prizes won from capsules stack. For example, if you win an M67 grenade for one day in one capsule, and again in another capsule, your inventory will show you have an M67 grenade for two days.

Euro CapsulesEdit

Rifle ManEdit

Point ManEdit


Secondary WeaponsEdit

AP CapsulesEdit

Point ManEdit



Secondary WeaponsEdit

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