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Learn about when to use the {{Stub}} tag and when to use the {{New}} tag here.

Please do not add this category to articles manually. If you want to add an article to this category, type {{Stub}} at the top of the page, and the banner shown below will appear, automatically adding the article here.

This article is a stub. You can help Alliance of Valiant Arms Wiki by expanding it.

Article stubs are articles that lack substance: these articles tend to be very short and/or poorly detailed. Unlike new articles, stubs tend to have all the basic information but need work done to expand what's already there:

  • short paragraphs
  • overall small article
  • lack of pictures
  • lots of unexplained points

If you find an underdeveloped article that displays one or more of these features, you may wish to utilise the {{Stub}} tag to add it to this category. If the article is devoid of even basic data, you may prefer to use the {{New}} tag.

Articles listed under this category tend to require a fair amount of work done to make them considered complete. As such, you are encouraged to add any data/knowledge you have about any of these articles to them.

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