Channels in this group are accessible for players with level not higher then 10 ((10) Staff Sergeant Lv 5). Except Match Channel. Available channels:

  • Level 1~5 Channel
  • Level 1~5 Channel
  • Level 1~10 Channel
  • Level 1~10 Channel
  • Match Channel - This channel is just a link to Public Match Channel.


Channels in this group are accessible for all players. Available channels:

  • PVP Channel 1 - Most popular channel. Users can create here PVP games, AI Demolition and Suppresion.
  • PVP Channel 2 - Same as above but less occupied
  • Co-op Channel 1 - Channel for co-op maps only.
  • INFECTION Channel - Channel for Infection maps only
  • Practice Channel - This is practice channel. It is made to practice weapon, equipment and explore new maps. All players at this channel are immune to any damage.
  • Match Channel - In this channel players are split in teams. Each team can select its opponent. If player play at least 6 min he receives reward. Most games here are in Demolition mode. This channel has few disadvantages, the biggest is that server is in Quebec (East Canada). All games (also those from Europe Server) takes place in Canada. This leads to high ping (90+) for European players.

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