Clan Grenade [1st]
No Weapon Image
Weapon: Clan Grenade [1st]
Type: Grenade
Country of Origin: N/A
Popularity: High
Euro(s): N/A
GCoin: N/A
Quantity: 1
Damage: 100
Range: 30
Mobility: 80
Weight: N/A
Hidden Stats
Penetration: N/A
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: N/A

A grenade which explodes and marks the explosion area with a dragon design. Only Division 1 Clans can use this clan grenade.
  — Weapon Description 

Overview Edit

The Clan Grenade (1st) is one variant of the clan grenade, only bring available to Tier 1 clans. It is a reskinned M67 Grenade that leaves your clan's logo/mark on the surface that it detonated on.

Variants Edit

Gallery Edit

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