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Death Valley
Death Valley
Operation: Death Valley
Date: September, 2010
Location: Warbal, an island of the Kai Islands, Indonesia
Mission: A.I Mission (Assassination)
Map Overview
No Map Overview

A group of NRF renegades under the command of Colonel Pavel Panfilov, an ex biochemical weapons researcher from the NRF, landed on Warbal, an island of the Kai Islands surrounding Indonesia. The colonel's men built a huge facility that processed zinc veins and blockaded nearby sea routes, becoming one of the most dangerous naval forces around. An EU special forces unit has been dispatched to the island full of ex-NRF soldiers, who have turned berserk due to the effects of a biochemical weapon. Their mission is to eliminate Panfilov, the man in charge of the pirate-soldiers. In this mission, players are automatically assigned to the EU against the AI-controlled NRF. The objective is to overcome challenges in each rounduntil the location of Colonel Panfilov is revealed. Then, eliminate him and quickly withdraw from combat.
  — Map Background 

Death Valley is a co-operate mission involving you and 3 other players(7 other players in some cases) which can be played on easy or extreme and consists of 3 fairly lengthy rounds. IT IS VERY HARD.

First RoundEdit

As soon as you commence the mission's 1st round, you will need to fight your way through advanced AI soldiers to reach a small boat(supplied with inifnite HP packs and infinite ammo cases) which, when started will slowly progress your through a small river abundant with incoming enemies such as the exploding drum throwing fugitives, UAV launcher and swift fugitives. At the end of the river you will need to deal with the "GATEKEEPER" and his subordinates in order to finish the 1st round.

Second RoundEdit

2011-09-20 00013

One of the two boulder sections during Round 2.

The second round is relatively straightforward. Keep pressing forward while eliminating the AI enemies. There will be two sections where falling boulders will be traveling down a large hill. The player must fight their way to the top and take cover on the sides of the ramp while the boulders are moving. The final challenge of this round is to take out a helicopter with RPG-7s while keeping the fugitives at bay. Upon destroying the helicopter, a door will open that leads to Area 3. The Quickest way to destroy the helicopter is to stand on top of the RPG-7 and switch to another one each time you fire. It negates the need for reloading and makes destroying the Helicopter a lot easier. 
2011-09-20 00014

The helicopter ""boss"" found in the finale of Round 2.

Third RoundEdit

The first part of Area 3 (the hardest round of Death Valley) is to destroy the UAV launchers. Take cover behind the boulders and shoot the UAVs. It is rumored that shooting the red buttons kills the launchers fast. After destroying this set of launchers, a door will open into an area with a harder set of them.

The second part of Area 3 has less launchers compared to the first part, but they have much more Health than their earlier predecessors. During the intervals where the UAV launchers do not shoot, they close down, but you can hit them as well. At the same time, multiple enemies will spawn to prevent the team from setting up. Kill them quickly in order to get ready for the UAV launchers to open again. This process will repeat until all the launchers are destroyed. Then another door will open to show the final part of Area 3.

A long rock chute will appear that leads to the cave of the final boss. Upon first entering the premises, multiple fugitives will spawn alongside the first boss with instant-kill abilities. He is slower that the final bosses, so he is relatively easy to kill. After killing him, the final four bosses will spawn. They are bulkier, faster, and stronger than any AI enemy encountered before. They can instantly kill players with their chainsaw hands. However, they can only charge in a straight path and will only stop when they either kill a player or charge into a wall. In order to avoid cornering, it is advised to fight the last bosses in the largest room so that players can duke and dodge them while attacking them. A respawning ammo box also appear
2011-09-20 00015

The final three bosses caught in a glitch.

s in that room, due to the enormous amount of HP the bosses have.

After killing the four bosses, a door will open with a boat ready for the escape. At the same time, a huge number of enemies will spawn in a last-ditch attempt to stop the player and their team. One player will have to start the boat while the remaining ones will cover him. Upon successfully igniting the engine, the players will ride off into safety, safe to fight another day.


The AI-controlled ex-NRF soldiers, turned berserk by the biochemical weapon:

- Advanced Soldier (weaponed with a knife)

- Advanced Soldier (weaponed with a mace)

- Swift Advanced Soldier (weaponed with a shovel)

- Advanced Soldier with Beretta 92FS

- Explosive barrel Soldier (bridge keeper Yakov Pavlov, the Gatekeeper Alexander Matrosov, several soldiers in the dom)

- UAV launcher (properly speaking, not an a-life enemy)

- Mi-24 Hind (the helicopter weaponed with RPG-7)

- Chainsaw Advanced Soldier (the cave keeper Sergey Grisepetz)

- Chainsaw Swift Advanced Soldier (the 4 final bosses, including Pavel Panfilov, with enormous power and health).


Normal: DROP Spas-15 Death Vally +24 more prizes

Achivments for Grey Mask

Easy: DROP Spas-15 Death Vally +24 more prizes

Achivments for Green Mask


Round 1:Edit

One of the easiest way to deal with the gate keeper is to let him follow you closely then jump into the water(if he is following you, he will jump into the water and suicide too).

Round 2:Edit

  • The Boulder section:
    • The first section will roll down one boulder per time. On top of it is a group of soldier wielded with 92FS.
    • The second section will roll down TWO boulders per time.

Round 3:Edit

This is where you will meet the boss. First, he will have a chainsaw that does insane damage, but he is pretty slow.

There are also swift solders to assist the boss.

After defeating the first boss, a few chainsaw wielding maniacs will come.

These guys are VERY fast, charging up across the middle in a second or less.

But, while they are charging to you,they cannot turn. This gives a great advantage

If a player has a high mobile weapon with good ammo, it's still hard, but the player can definitely get the hang of it.


Now available !

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