Equipment is the Armor and other visual apparel items that a player can buy for their soldier in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Equipment can grant a bonus to the player's character, change the appearance of a player's soldier, or both. The Weapon Shop has a large and diverse amount of equipment in stock, which can be bought for either Euros or AP.

(Other cash )

List of Available EquipmentEdit


Helmet Price Description
Sniper 14H Beret 25 AP
SH-14 Special Helmet 25 AP
Kevlar Reinforced Helmet 8000 € Able to obsorb more damage than the default helmet.
Standard Helmet free It is the free helmet that everyone has. If you chose not to equip a helmet, this will automatically be equipped. It serves as basic defense; it will absorb 90% of the damage from one or two weak hits before flying off the user's head. Most people are content with this helmet. It blocks approximately 15 to 18 points of damage, so any bullet that strikes the head with at least 30 damage upon impact will result in a one-hit headshot.
Pumpkin Helmet
20 AP

Halloween festival helmet.Better than standard but this thing will make your head look BIG!!!' and It's eye glowing in dark make you hard to hide in night maps.

(In the Japanese version, there is Watermelon Helmet in summer festival )

Iyan SH09 Helmet
90 AP It is the most overpowered helmet. It can tank multiple RM bullets or even multiple Desert Eagle bullets at close range.
Dragon Beret
Same as Lieutenant Beret.
Tiger Beret
Same as Lieutenant Beret.
Master Boonie Hat
330 AP

Little better than normal helmet +2% luckyshot and more mobility than Boonie hat.

Boonie Hat
250 AP Little better than normal helmet +2% luckyshot also +mobility.
Lieutenant Beret
250 AP A helmet that greatly increases mobility and has the same defense rating as the standard helmet.

Sergeant Beret

190 AP

Standard helmet defense rating and +mobility. [Not confirmed] (In SEA this item is Colonel Beret.)

AH07 Helmet
4,800 It is simply a better version of the anti-charge helmet. It can resist more small-caliber bullets.
EH08 Helmet
4,100 It is simply an advanced version of the large-caliber helmet. It can deflect bigger bullets and will stay on for an extra shot at most.
Soccer Cup Helmet
30 AP Similar to EH08 and SA09. 
Lrg-Caliber Helmet
2,300 It is the optimal choice for many. It can deflect high-damage bullets. It will fall off in 1 to 3 hits, depending on the damage. It is most effective against extreme guns like the M14, SA58, and other high-damage weapons. It is ineffective against sniper rifles.
Anti-charge Helmet

It is a specialized CQC helmet. It is capable of repeatedly deflecting many weak bullets from pointman-type guns. It is long-lasting and will not fall off unless hit by many weak bullets or a few strong bullets.


Armor Price Description
SA-14 Special Armor 25 AP
Kevlar Reinforced Armor 5,600 € More bullet durability than default armor.
Iyan SA09 Kevlar 70/140/230 AP

21,000 €

It is considered to be the most overpowered armor available. One may consider it to be like wearing both an EA08 and an AA07. It is devastatingly absorbent and effective against all low-penetration guns. It must be countered with high-penetration guns like the Para, TPG, and Veresk.
N/A It is simply an advanced version of the Large Caliber. It appears to be a Large caliber armor that give 35% or 40% more armor instead of 30%. It is renown for tanking sniper shots at an alarmingly high rate, but it appears to have a negligible advantage over the Large Caliber when fighting rifles. It is obtainable when you purchase a capsule from the capsule shop; therefore, it is regarded as very expensive and impractical.
AA07 Kevlar
4,700 It is an advanced version of the Anti-charge armor. It can take submachine gunners as many as 3 or 4 extra shots to kill. It degrades slower; therefore it absorbs more damage from each shot and less is wasted. It is available at the shop for a higher price. This is the best all-around armor because it can stand a chance against high-damage weapons and low-damage weapons alike. If you are rich and you scrim a lot, I highly recommend this.
Lrg-Caliber Kevlar
2,200 Behaves like an add-on to your health. It "extends" your health by 30 percent (so that would be 60hp + 18 hp). Once the armor is depleted, health will start going down with no armor to soften additional blows. This armor is ideal for snipers and riflemen who often face high-damage bullets since it allows them to tank TPGs. When attacked with a high-ROF gun, the armor will absorb the first hit or two but will be completely depleted, leaving the user unprotected against additional shots. It is a good value for its price and is used a lot for its all-around practicality.
Anti-Charge Kevlar
2600 Is a long-lasting but weak defense. It absorbs approximately 15% of a weak bullet’s damage and is less absorbent against high-damage or high-penetration weapons. Its defense rating degrades very slowly, allowing it to perform very well even after multiple hits. There is often 30% of the armor left when a player has died. Therefore, this armor is best used against low-damage high-ROF guns or shotguns. It is also the armor of choice for Free For All, since the players need a long-lasting armor.
Standard Kevlar 1,200 Is a weak middle ground between defence against damage and ROF. It is a free item that comes with approximately every other supply case. When a user is hit with a bullet, the armor will absorb a percentage of the damage and its defense rating (the armor bar) will go down and the health bar will absorb the rest. The armor absorbs roughly 20% of a shot when it is at maximum defense. A high-ROF gun will rapidly take down the armor and make it ineffective, while a high-damage gun will make quick kills without having a lot of damage absorbed by the armor. It usually wears out in 2 or 3 shots, depending on the gun. Nevertheless, it is much better than no armor at all.


Uniform Price Description
Infection Armor II 1,500 € Melee damage reduced by 25%, Melee damage reduced by 40% in Infection Mode. Currency variant of Infection Armor I.
Infection Armor I 60 AP Melee damage reduced by 25%, Melee damage reduced by 40% in Infection Mode.
Camuflage Uniform 990 AP Bonus of 30,000 € for purchasing.
Iyan SD09 Camo 50 AP Increase your protection against melee and explosions, making them extremely useful in co-op or soccer.
Camouflage ST 60 AP Melee damage reduced by 25%, Melee damage reduced by 50% in AI missions, Fire damage reduced by 50%. Resistant to penetration.
Camouflage A1 3,600 Lowers grenade damage.


Gloves Price Description
SG-14 Special Gloves 17 AP
SG09 : Stable Scope 16 AP
SG09 : Tank Master 16 AP Quicker RPG loading and tank repairing.
SG09 : C4 Master 16 AP Reduced C4 handling time.
SG09 : Firm Grip 16 AP Improved accuracy and recoil control.
SG09 : Rapid Hands 16 AP Quicker reloading and silencer mounting.
Iyan SG09 Gloves 50 AP Provide an excellent accuracy boost as well as giving faster primary weapon draw speed (about 8.5%). This is better than the EG08 by far.
Soccer Cup Gloves 20 AP Increases draw speed of primary weapons (about 8.5%) and melee damage. Those glove should be considered as a better variant of MG12 Gloves
EG08 gloves 3,600 € It is one of the most beneficial non-chest armor. I myself use it a lot and highly recommend it. Though they are expensive, they give many benefits. The player receives a noticeable increase in moveshot accuracy. This is essential for people who use weapons with low accuracy who like to run and gun.They also give sniper rifles increased accuracy by taking away a half bar of instability at all times. They also provide the +1% lucky shot chance. However, the tremendous cost makes it impractical in pub unless you are very rich.
MG12 gloves 2,300 € These gloves supposedly increase melee weapons damage but also increase primary and secondary weapon draw speed (about 8.5 % longer) If you want an accuracy buff, buy the EG08. Those glove should be considered as cheaper variant of Soccer Cup Gloves made for melee games and shouldn't be used in other games.


Boots Price Description
SB-14 Special Boots 17 AP
Iyan SB09 Combat Shoes 15,000 € Give increased mobility to users with little or no moveshot penalty. They also appear to absorb fall damage.
EB08 combat boots 4,100 € These are very controversial. While they grant people increased mobility and defense against high falls as well as a +1% lucky shot bonus, pointmen and riflemen will experience a slight shaking of the crosshairs as they fire and strafe. These are not recommended for the run-and-gun players with guns like the Kriss, F2000, and other mobile weapons but may help crouch-and-tap players to move from spot to spot.
CB105 Boots 3,400 € These are boots that help defend against high drops. This is essential for users who play maps with high drops, especially when they have very little health and cannot afford to take much damage.


Protector Price Description
Sniper 14P Joint Protectors 17 AP Only equipable as a Sniper (F3).
Iyan SP09 Joint Protector 15,000 €
Enhanced Joint Protector 4,800 € More absorption than default protector(s).
SP-14 Special Joint Protector 17 AP
Boots Price Description
Iyan SP09 Joint Protector Increase defense against bullets and explosions as well as increasing your mobility. Profitable item but expensive to play in public games.
XP06 protector 4,100 € It is very controversial. While they grant people increased mobility and defense against high drops as well as a +1% lucky shot bonus, pointmen and riflemen will experience a slight shaking of the crosshairs as they fire and strafe. These are not recommended for the run-and-gun players with guns like the Kriss, F2000, and other mobile weapons but may help crouch-and-tap players to move from spot to spot.
EP08 protector 3,400 € They provide a small defense bonus to the knees and elbows, a small extra mobility boost, and a +2% lucky shot bonus. It also supposedly decreases damage from grenades but this has not been tested yet. The cost is too high for the small benefits it has. Not recommended for Public Games


Boots Price Description
Marksman +3% Luckyshot


Masks Price Description
Snow Fox Mask 1,499 AP
Ink of Death Mask 1,499 AP
Diablo Mask 99 AP Bonus of 3,000 € for purchasing.
Diablo Mask 1,499 AP
Mask of Inferno 99 AP +3% Luckyshot. Only equipable as rank Field Officer+.
Kiittii Mask 1,499 AP
Luchador Mask 149 AP +3% Luckyshot and 5% increased run speed.
Clan Mask of Skull 90 AP +3% Luckyshot.
White Rose Balaclava 99 AP
Frogman Mask 99 AP +3% Luckyshot.
Erdmann Mask Can be redeemed from Loot Box or won as a prize after completing AVA Train (Extreme Difficulty).
Face Guard +3% Luckyshot.
Joker Mask 30 AP  Increased melee damage resistance, lowers mobility.
Clan Mask 290 AP

Supply KitsEdit

Boots Price Description
Ghostgear supply kit 3,300 € For Pointman it gives higher defense. For Rifleman less radar zoom (more map visible). Sniper gets higher mobility. Recommended item.


Boots Price Description
CU686 Goggles Show red-purple color when you hit target, skull when target die and number of kills. See your friend's health, C4, boss health. Useful for wallbang and Co-op
DU50724 Goggles  They can only prevent flashes when the MK3A2 or flash grenade is behind the user. They cannot block out flashes from the front. 

Additional Items Edit

Boost Slot Price Description
EXP Up 100% Experience Points 90 AP +100% Experience.
Euro Booster 100% Euro 90 AP +100% Euro.
Double Booster Double Up 160 AP +100% Euro & Experience.
Double Booster Double Up 9 AP +100% Euro & Experience. Only purchasable once.
Field Officer EXP +200% Experience Points 15 Red Tickets +200% Experience. Only equipable by the rank Field Officer+.
Company Officer EXP +150% Experience Points 15 Red Tickets +150% Experience. Only equipable by the rank Company Officer+.
Supply Point Up 30% Supply +30% Supply points.
EXP Up 400% Experience Points +400% Experience.

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