Eva's Longing
Eva's Longing
Weapon: Eva's Longing
Type: Grenade
Country of Origin: (AVA) Alliance of Valiant Arms
Popularity: N/A
Euro(s): N/A
GCoin: N/A
Quantity: 1
Damage: 100
Range: 30
Mobility: 80
Weight: N/A
Hidden Stats
Penetration: Armor only
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: N/A

A grenade commemorating the 5th anniversary of AVA. This grenade was created by the soldiers themselves in the form of a rag doll to remember Eva.
  — Weapon Description 




Notable ComparisonsEdit


  • Instead of having the usual unique name of Eva's Longing, it uses a generic name in the inventory.
  • When idle, the doll seems to be animate when the character taps on her ankle. She says "We're being attacked!" and gives a quick wink.
  • When thrown, the doll gives a little audible squeal.
  • When it explodes, it leaves the "heart & chocolate" imprint just like the Chocolate Bomb. It is intended that way though due to soldiers handmaking and keeping it as something to remember her by.


GIF GalleryEdit

  • Eva's Longing Draw
  • Eva's Longing Idle
  • Eva's Longing Far Throw
  • Eva's Longing Close Toss
  • Eva's Longing Sprint


AVA Eva's Longing00:18

AVA Eva's Longing

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