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Field Manuals were introduced in the 9/24/12 content update. Field Manuals cost Battle Points(BP). They all have a maximum validity of 15 days.


Field manuals provide a boost for a specific class or all classes.

Pointman Field ManualsEdit

Surprise Attack- Pointman severe damage on the attack from behind. (Pointman deal twice the damage from behind) Cost: 180 BP

Silencer- Pointman instant equip silencer Pistol and SMG. Cost: 180 BP

Advanced Movement- Reduces footsteps of walk or run.(Pointman receive slightly quieter footsteps) Cost: 180 BP

Rifleman Field ManualsEdit

Magazine- Rifleman Magazine. Add a bullet to the magazine. (Rifleman recieves an ammo upgrade just like backpack A/B) Cost: 180 BP

Throw- Rifleman skill reduces the time to shoot the weapon after throwing. Cost: 180 BP

Throw II- Increase the number of smoke grenades that can be occupied by another one. (2 extra smoke grenades equip red and gray smoke to carry a total of 4 smoke grenades) Cost: 180 BP

Sniper Field ManualsEdit

Advanced Sniper Rifle- Sniper can change from aimed to run immediately. (Press W twice when aiming and you automatically run) Cost: 180 BP

Advanced Sniper Rifle II- Sniper attack aimed at with the naked eye without having to zoom. (Crosshair on center of screen) Cost: 180 BP

Advanced Sniper Rifle III- Sniper Rifle is aiming to reduce the scope for a greater range. (Sniper recieves perfect accuracy, moveshot, jumpshot, depending on the sniper rifle) Note: Description misleading. Cost: 180 BP

All Class Field ManualsEdit

Tank(Escort)- Reduce repair time tank and loading RPG-7 in Escort mission. *auto-equip Cost: 225 BP

C4(Demolition)- Reduce installation and defuse C4 explosive in Demolition Mission. *auto-equip Cost: 225 BP

Annihilation- Reduce respawn time and invincible time of Annihilation Mission. *auto-equip Cost: 100 BP

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