-AVA- Fortune Stars Apocalypse02:42

-AVA- Fortune Stars Apocalypse

Dates: From March 15th, 2016 - , 2016
  • Kriss Super V Quicksilver
  • K1A1 Red Sector
  • OTs-14 Krypton
  • M4A1 Argonaut
  • HK416 Blood Relic
  • IMI99SR Iceman
  • M24 Assimilator
  • PGM 338 Code Blue

Jackpot: P90 Apocalypse

Bonus Items: Edit

Basic Bonus: Razor's Edge

Fever Bonus: Black Widow Lei

Cheer Up Bonus: M67 Reactor

Collection Bonus: Colt SAA Ace of Spades

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