Francesca Lei Polenta
Class: Point Man
Faction: N/A
Effects: Lucky Shot +2%
EXP +20%
Price: 608 FPS Point (30 Days)
1,624 FPS Point (90 Days)

Name Francesca Lei Polenta. American Italian national who used to work as a model and also enjoys rock climbing in Southern Germany. Is a Symbolic figure for the Resistance force.
  — In-game description 

Francesca Lei Polenta is a Point Man class character in Alliance of Valiant Arms.


Variants Edit


  • When she was first released, she had an attire that was not combat ready(View in Gallery). Now she wears a thick jacket with shoulder plates, her pants also have protection on them. She also wears a beanie with an emblem at the top.


GIF GalleryEdit

  • Idle
  • Spin


AVA - New Female Character - Francesca Lei Polenta01:13

AVA - New Female Character - Francesca Lei Polenta

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