Weapon List

Below is a list of all the weapons currently in Alliance of Valiant Arms. To see all the pages marked with the "Weapon" category, check the Category:Weapons page.

Rifle Man WeaponsEdit

AK-47 Edit

AK74M Edit

AK-107 Edit

AK200 Edit

AK-12 Edit

AMD65 Edit

AN94 Edit

ARX-160 Edit

AUG Edit

CR-21 Edit

Diemaco C7A2 Edit


FG42 Edit


FN-F2000 Edit

G3A3 Edit

G36 Edit

HK416 Edit

K2 Rail Edit

  • K2 Rali Origin
  • K2 MOD 0

Kel-Tec RFB Edit

L85A2 Edit

M1 Garand Edit

M14 Edit

M16 VN Edit

  • M16 VN DLC

M16A2 Edit

M16A4 Edit

M2 Carbine Edit

M249 Edit

M4A1 Edit

MG4KE Edit

MK.20 Proto SSR Edit

OTs-14 Edit

QBZ97 Edit

Remington R4 Edit

Robinson XCR Edit

RX4-Storm Edit

SA58 Para Edit

SAKO Rk.95 Edit


SG550 Edit

SG556 Edit

SKS Edit

STG44 Edit

T65K2 Edit

T91 Edit

  • T91 Taiwan Edition

TAR-21 Edit

Type 64 Edit

Type 89 Edit

XM8 Edit

Point Man WeaponsEdit

AKS-74U Edit

AR-57 Edit

AUG-A2 Edit

Benelli M1014 Edit

Bergmann MP18 Edit

Bizon PP19 Edit

Calico M950 Edit

CZ Scorpion Evo3 Edit

D. Defense 10ga. Edit

Dual TMP Edit


Galil MAR Edit

K1A1 Edit


KBP PP2000 Edit


Kriss Super V Edit

L2A3 Edit

M1897 Trenchgun Edit

M1921 Thompson Edit

M1A1 Thompson Edit

M4 Spectre Edit


MK.18 Mod 0 Edit

MP40 Edit

MP5A3 Edit

MP5K Edit

MP5SD5 Edit

MP7A1 Edit

Neostead 2000 Edit

OA-93 Edit

P90 Edit

PPSh-41 Edit

Remington870 Edit

Saiga-12 Edit

SG552 Edit

SPAS-12 Edit

SPAS-15 Edit

SR-2M Edit

SR-3M Edit

Striker 12 Edit

UMP-45 Edit

Uzi Edit

X95R Edit

Sniper WeaponsEdit

AI AX 308 Edit

Arisaka Edit

ASW.338 Edit

AWM Edit

Barrett M82A3 Edit

Blaser R93Edit

FR-F2 Edit

KAR98K Edit

  • KAR98K
  • KAR98K Jager
  • KAR98K Jager Nadine
  • KAR98K Rajin

Mosin-Nagant Edit

  • Mosin-Nagant
  • Mosin- Nagant Dragon Roar
  • Mosin-Nagant Engrave
  • Mosin-Nagant Jager Florian
  • Mosin-Nagant Or Nouvereau
  • Mosin-Nagant Roswell
  • Mosin-Nagant Sports
  • Mosin-Nagant Steel Dragoon

M1903A1 Edit

M40A1 Edit

MSG90A1 Edit

PGM.338 Edit

TPG-1 Edit

VSS Edit

XM2010 ESR Edit

Walther WA- 2000 Edit


Auto 9

Beretta92FS Edit

Beretta M93Ra Edit

Colt SAA Edit

CZ75 Edit

Desert Eagle Edit

Dual Barbatos Edit

FMG9 Edit

FN57 Edit

Glock21C Edit

HK45 Tactical Edit

Ingram MAC-10

Luger P-08 Edit

M29 Edit

Mauser C96 MP Edit

MK.23 SOCOM Edit

P226 Edit

Python 357 Edit

Raging Judge 28 Edit

S&W M29 Edit

S&W M500 Edit

  • S&W500

Skorpion vz 61 Edit

Stechkin APS Edit

Super Redhawk Edit

SW1911 Edit

TMP Edit

Togarev TT-30/33 Edit

Tuma MTE-224 VA Edit

Walther P38 Edit

Winchester M1887S Edit


Flash Grenades Edit

Lethal Grenades

Smoke Grenades Edit

Melee WeaponsEdit

Jager Knife Nadine


  1. Anemone
  2. Light stick
  3. M249
  4. M82A3 Barrett
  5. MG3A1 Machine Gun
  6. Plasma Gun
  7. RPG-7
  8. Spore
  9. M134 (Gatling 100/100 Ammo)
  10. M202 Multi Rocket Launcher (4/4 Ammo)
  11. M4A1 with M203 Grenade launcher (35/150 Ammo / 1/3 Grenades)
  12. MX-01 Saw Gun (300 Ammo)
  13. GM-94 Grenade Launcher (3/3 Ammo)

There is a spreadsheet containing all the weapons and their stats (including price, suppressor, damage, etcetera) available in