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Weapon List

Below is a list of all the weapons currently in Alliance of Valiant Arms. To see all the pages marked with the "Weapon" category, check the Category:Weapons page.

Rifle Man WeaponsEdit

Category Rifle man weapons not found

Point Man WeaponsEdit

Category Point man weapons not found

Sniper WeaponsEdit

Category Sniper weapons not found



Melee WeaponsEdit



  1. Anemone
  2. Light stick
  3. M249
  4. M82A3 Barrett
  5. MG3A1 Machine Gun
  6. Plasma Gun
  7. RPG-7
  8. Spore
  9. M134 (Gatling 100/100 Ammo)
  10. M202 Multi Rocket Launcher (4/4 Ammo)
  11. M4A1 with M203 Grenade launcher (35/150 Ammo / 1/3 Grenades)
  12. MX-01 Saw Gun (300 Ammo)
  13. GM-94 Grenade Launcher (3/3 Ammo)

There is a spreadsheet containing all the weapons and their stats (including price, suppressor, damage, etcetera) available in

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