Attack your enemies in style using this gold-plated tray.Strong and luxurious,it was coated with pure gold after being pressed from high-strength steel. Awarded to soldiers for successfully completing daily quests.
  — Weapon Description 

Overview Edit

A golden variant of the Prisoner's Foodtray and Hamburger Tray, along with having the same statistics.

Variants Edit

Tips Edit

Similar to the Hamburger tray and the Prisoner's Foodtray.

  • Aim for the head. It can easily OHK with the normal slash (left mouse click), and the vertical swing makes headshots really easy to get.
  • Get as close to the enemy as possible. Due to its super low range (4), you will have to be really close to the enemy to have the Prisoner's Foodtray be effective.
  • Flanking your enemies or attacking the sides of the enemy are one of the best ways to use this weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • It has FINE GOLD NT WT carved in the left section along with a badge of an NRF Sniper carved in the round area.
  • This weapon is no longer obtainable, it was a exclusive melee weapon obtained from completing daily quests either getting it timed or permanent.

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