Hammer Blow
Hammer Blow
Operation: Hammer Blow
Date: February, 2009
Location: A factory district, Varna, Bulgaria
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
Hammerblow Overview

With the central Europe secured, EU marches to the east.

EU orders the 51st division that is deployed to capture and hold Bulgaria to recapture one of the strategic point Varna, a small port city around the Red Sea from the occupying NRF force. As a preparation for the imminent all-out-war, EU decided to prevent any NRF reinforcement in the area. They would strike the forward base of the NRF mechanized infantry regiment.

A formation of bombers was sent for an air raid over the target area, but the clustered arrays of AA guns prevented them from inflicting any serious damage to NRF position. Failed in the air, EU deploys a small group of commandos to demolish military targets as a last resort.
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Hammerblow Overview

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AVAグレ.com 「HAMMER BLOW EU Side」 For Rifleman

HAMMER BLOW EU Side Rifleman


AVAグレ.com 「HAMMER BLOW NRF Side」 For Rifleman


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