The Clan knife is a special knife available to clan members of Platoon rank or higher. The Clan knife has extra added damage compared to the Field Knife.
  — Weapon Description 

Overview Edit

In the store the price are: 7 days = 190 EMP

Variants Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is bugged from the Fall 2014 Clan Championship, and appears as the Field Knife on the wielders screen while it appears as the the Bloody Axe that Fugitives wield in Co-op missions, for other players. The version available in the in-game store is however not bugged.

Gallery Edit

Harpoon Knife Stats
Harpoon Knife in the inventory

The interface of what it will look like in the player's inventory.


Harpoon Knife A.V02:05

Harpoon Knife A.V.A -GamePlay-

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