[Harpoon Rapista] A special harpoon knife with camouflage pattern and color coating, applied by special alloy and surface treatment.
  — Weapon Description 

Overview Edit

This knife requires for a master item to be used, which is the Harpoon Knife.

  • 7 Days version - Folding Knife Box: 5 Red Ticket
  • Permanent version - Resupply Bonus Program: 250 AP

Variants Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon was obtainable as a 7 days timed version from the Folding Knife Box at the Capsule Shop, Mars 2015 and came only as a permanent version from the Resupply Bonus Program, a Tiered Spender on the End Sale of Aeria Games.

Gallery Edit

Harpoon Rapista stats
Harpoon Rapista 3

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