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Quick Match interface to start Hide and Seek.

Overview Edit

Available in Quick Match Channel.

Choosing your disguise Edit

Upon pressing F1, players will become a garbage bin. Upon selecting F2, players will become a plant inside a pot. Lastly, upon choosing F3, players will become something random.

Achievements list Edit

  • Don't Make a Sound (To finish a round hidden, x50)
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled... (To find hidden objects, x300)
  • Hidden in Plain Sight (To be praised, x77)
  • Outlast the Best (To accomplish 10 or more survival points, x300)
  • Crazy From the Heat (To kill with machingun, x50)
  • Hide-and-Seek Veteran (To finish a game, x100)
  • Hide-and-Seek Legend (To accomplish all achievments, x1)

Rewards Edit

Media Edit

Hide and Seek01:39

Hide and Seek

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