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Hot Potato
2012-02-04 00001
Weapon: Hot Potato
Type: Explosive Grenade
Country of Origin: (AVA) Alliance of Valiant Arms
Popularity: Event Item
Euro(s): No
GCoin: Any G Coin Capsule
Quantity: 1/0
Damage: N/A
Range: N/A
Mobility: N/A
Weight: Presumably the same as a M67 Grenade
Hidden Stats
Penetration: Medium
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: N/A

Modified M67 grenade with the appearance of a potato. Grenade ammo components have been modified but does not have major improvements with firepower.
  — Weapon Description 


The Hot Potato is a Grenade that can only be obtained as a consolation prize from G Coin Capsules in the Capsule Shop. It is a fairly common drop within them, and only appears in a timed availability. It has roughly the same stats as the M67 Grenade, and can be thought of as a Cosmetic Variant of it.

Notable ComparisonsEdit


  • The Hot Potato has the message "Have a Nice Day!" inscribed on the cover
  • Just as its name foreshadows, the Hot Potato explodes into a potato-ed(?) mess


GIF GalleryEdit

  • Hot Potato Draw
  • Hot Potato Idle
  • Hot Potato Far Toss
  • Hot Potato Close Toss
  • Hot Potato Sprint


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