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The IMI99SR is very similar to the Galil Sniper, retaining its rate of fire. Overall, the IMI99SR is, as stated within the game, 'an improved version' of the Galil Sniper. Features a low rank requirement and is fairly cheap.


It has the highest sniper capacity of 25 rounds along with a high magnification scope availible to it.

still shot is fairly accurate, the reload animation are pretty charismatic.


Although the Accuracy is increased, it's moveshot accuracy is not on par with other Semi Snipers.

In addition, it's damage is lower than the SR25 or WA2000.

Lower RoF than Galil Sniper.

A trolling weapon that can provide good supressing fire and is capable at harassing, if not killing the enemy team. The cons can be easily overlooked with just a little training, so don't lose hope if you own one.



Recommended BuildsEdit



Notable ComparisonsEdit

Galil Sniper



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