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KBP PP2000

Img weapons smg kbppp2000




Submachine Gun


(8) Staff Sergeant 3


Euro 33,000

Aeria Points

AP 1,270



Firing Modes


























Rate of Fire




Hidden Stats







Draw Speed


Reload Time




Kill Feed


Russian SMG with compact, light and powerful 7N31 cartridge. Simple blowback system offers decent accuracy. Reserve magazine can be quickly replaced as stock.
  — Weapon Description 

The KBP PP2000 is a Point Man class weapon first introduced during the 01-28-10 Content Update.


The KBP PP2000 is a Submachine Gun available exclusively for the Pointman. It deals a slightly smaller amount of damage compared to other submachine guns due to its range deficiency making for a rough 4 shot kill at close ranges. Although some of the stats say otherwise, this weapon should be viewed in the p90/mp7/mp5k,sd,a3 class. To compensate for its highest in class DMG, the rate of fire of the PP2000 is a slower but still respectable 68 (which can be enhanced). Auditionally although it's accuracy per-shot is very high, controlling the PP is rather difficult since it will curve both left and right when pulled.

Therefore, like other weapons in it's specific subclass cattegory it is recommended that KBP users attempt to close distances with targets before spraying their PP at the enemy, preferably approaching unnoticed from behind (flanking). Otherwise, the PP should be discharged with well controlled bursts. The KBP PP2000 is one of the most portable guns in the game with a mobility of 92. This is probably due to its low weight and small length.

Although the PP posesses a great load of ammo and is fast-moving, its mediocre damage output and inconsistent crosshair jerking discourages new users from willingly experiencing it in their own hands. The PP feels very difficult for first time users, but after experiencing and practicing with it, users can become accustomed to and even enjoy playing with their PP2000.

Replacing the PP's internals with the damage mod (Dmg + 3, Ammo - 23) will have little impact on the PP2000's relatively dysfunctional penetration capabilities, despite what some users claim to experience after paying for the enhancement. With these changes, the PP2000 will still be unable to shoot its load through even basic obstacles (windows, sharp corners, etc). Only penetration of enemy bodies has been slightly improved.

While standing erect, users may experience trouble handling the PP2000. Recoil is best controlled when users are hunched since this is when both hands grip the PP most firmly. It is not recommended to jump and discharge the PP2000 as this will cause projectiles to spray uncontrollably.

If possible, users should aim their PP at the head as this method provides the most penetration and damage. Body shots may also cause penetration if protection is not worm (low or no armor).

Overall, the PP2000 is fun to use, but there are better choices for serious penetration seekers. The PP's average range combined with its strange recoil will force users to choose engagements only at intimate distances. Only in these scenarios will the PP2000 be appealing.

Alternatives, such as the veresk and aks, are more popular choices due to their more stimulating statistics. According to forum lore, though, the right attachments to the PP and extensive training with the weapon will enable a user to use his/her PP as effectively as a veresk. This comes at the cost of a reduced ammo load and a greater need to concentrate with the PP in your hands.

First time users of the PP2000 are advised to enter private practicing rooms. In these rooms users can comfortably discharge their PPs at nearby walls and corners without public judgement of their PP2000 controlling skills. Only after users are broken in with their PPs are they recommended to join lounges that are open to the public.

Tips and TricksEdit

The most problematic element of the pp2k is it's recoil, Mittigation of Recoil, as well as Maintaining DPS should be a priority.

There are several ways of reducing the pp2k's recoil

2) SHarpshooter Barrel: Although recoil feels reduced in this state, the Inscope and most importantly the DPS of the gun are heavily nerfed. This can be Usefull with the Trigger Mod as the accuracy boost and ROF pennalty would bennefit the smaller magazine.

1)Hard Grip: this effectively eliminates early recoil, but adds some recoil for the shots after that, Intrestingly enough the gun's recoil stop's increasing after the 10-15 shot with or without the grip. Works best with a Burst Barrel.



  • Dot(x2 HS) (+3 Accuracy)
  • PK-AS(x1.5) (+3 Accuracy)


  • Burst Barrel (+2 RoF, -1 Accuracy)
  • Sharp Shooter Barrel (+2 Accuracy, -1 RoF)


  • 7N31 AP Bullet Exchange (+3 Damage, -24 Ammo)


  • Soft Grip (+2 Stability, -1 Accuracy)
  • Hard Grip (+1 Stability)


  • Recoil Control Stock (+1 Stability)

Notable ComparisonsEdit

M4a1 -  A Unmodded PP2000 has identical CQB damage compared to a standard (unmodded) M4A1, with the same damage (32) and one point higher RoF (68 to M4A1's 67), leading to almost identical DPS.

Sg552 Commando/K1a1 - A modded (only the Bullet Exchange) PP2000 has identical CQB Damage (35) and RoF (68) as a SG552 Commando/RIS, thus an identical DPS. It also is negigibly identical DPS-wise to the K1A1 Rail with 1 RoF difference and the same damage (35).

P90 - while the stats are verry diffrent, These weapons share much in terms of tactics and capabuilities when upgraded accourdingly., KBP being more range combat orriented

M4Spectre - Although the stats are quite diffrent, the accuracy/recoil and performance of the weapons is somewhat similar with the KBP being more CQB orriented

Recommended BuildsEdit


  • Sharpshooter Barrel (+2 Accuracy, -1 RoF)
  • Dot(x2 HS) (+3 Accuracy)


  • Sharpshooter Barrel (+2 RoF, -1 Accuracy)
  • 7N31 AP Replace (+3 Damage, -24 Ammo)
  • Dot(x2 HS) (+3 Accuracy)

Rate of Fire (recommended)Edit

  • Burst Barrel (+2 RoF, -1 Accuracy)
  • Hard Grip (+1 Stability)
  • Dot(x2 HS) (+3 Accuracy)



With the stock folded, the KBP is the shortest of all weapons in the game (at least, according to this wiki's "spec's" section). With the stock extended, the KBP PP2000 is the second shortest weapon featured in AVA, beaten only by the P90. However, the in-game representation of the KBP PP2000 does not represent this well, and is actually appears to be one of the mid-size SMG's in AVA in terms of overall volume, seeming to be the same size as the Spectre thanks to its magazine and stock.

- Despite using the 20 Rounds magazine from the modification , the in-game model of the PP2000 is still use the 44 rounds "Long" magazine .



A.V.A 戰地之王 KBP PP2000 Recoil Test 彈道測試 (原裝)

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