Wipe out, team up, betray! You must be the LASTMAN!
  — Trailer 
Lastman Standing is a free for all type gamemode featuring a new but familiar map and chaotic game-play. The main objective is to be the last one alive. Around the map you can find weapons (including melee weapons), gear and vehicles. Also, you can find chests around the map which require a specific key to open. There are two types of chests ~ one is red, one is blue and each has a key with the same color. Opening chests can reward you with permanent items but also temporary items.

Notes: There are only 2 of the same vehicle and they spawn in the same corners of the map. Keys may not be given everyday and instead, must be bought with red/blue tickets from the store.


Example of players who became "Mutants"

Mutation System Edit

  • Prisoners change physically when exposed for a long time to the spore cloud
  • The PP bar (below the HP bar) indicates how much the user has been exposed to the spore cloud.
  • Once the PP bar is full, the user turns into a mutant
  • When using a health pack, the PP bar decreases by 4 points (out of 160)
  • Mutants have 300 HP and lose 2 HP every second
  • Mutants can devour corpses to recover HP (40HP). A body can only be devoured once.
  • Mutants are only able to use punch attacks (low damage but fast attack rate)

AI Mutation System Edit

  • Prisoner bodies left in a cloud can come back as mutants (AI)
  • If killed, the mutant will revive within 1 minute the first time.
  • 15 additional seconds are needed for the mutant to respawn afterward for each kill.
  • For each respawn, the mutant gets slower but his HP and attack power increase.

Obtainable & Usable's Edit





Melee Placed Thrown Character Miscellaneous
M1 Garand Desert Eagle Sledgehammer C4 bomb M67 Gas Mask White Van
TPG1 Auto 9 Uchigatana Smoke Yellow Construction Helmet
M1897 Trench Binoculars Ferocious Fists Flash Backpack
Remington 870 LMS SAW Kevlar Vest
RPG-7 Ammunition box
M249 Health Package
AK47 Antique

Note: Players can only hold up to sixty ammunition.

Rewards Edit

Temporary Permanent Euro Misc

8 Hours

LMS Black


10 Red Key
Mach Turtle

8 Hours

LMS Silver


Folding Knife

1 Week

Uchigatana 30
Beer Stein

1 Week

MP5K Vespa (Event)

3 Days



SV98 Silver Arrow (Event)

1 Day


Good Luck

Confetti Grenade


M40A5 LMS 10,000
AK74M Seroja 1d/3d Galil MAR Raptor
LMS Smoke Bomb II

(Master: M18 Grey Smoke Grenade II)


(Master:M116A1 Flash Grenade III)

Achievements Edit

  • Open any/same Supply box twice x30
  • Search corpse of dead x30
  • Kill enemy with fists x15
  • Explode the white van x15
  • Ride mount x20 (Ride White van)
  • Kill someone with RPG x5
  • Kill someone with Sledgehammer x5
  • Kill someone with Grenade x5
  • Don't hit the enemy within 2 minutes. x5
  • Form alliance x25
  • Disband alliance x15
  • Survive without healing until one of the last 3 players x5
  • Open blue chest x10
  • Achieve every achievement

Trivia Edit

  • There isn't must purpose in using vehicles. The map isn't big enough anyway.

Gallery Edit

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