Loot Box is a feature for some games available on the Aeria Ignite client. Every 12 hours, you may receive a random free item from the Prize List.

Prizes Edit

  • Iyan SH09 Helmet (1 Day)
  • Iyan SH09 Armor ( 1 Day)
  • Iyan SH09 Camo (1 Day)
  • Iyan SH09 Glove (1 Day)
  • Iyan SH09 Boots (1 Day)
  • Iyan SH09 Protect (1 Day)
  • 10 Red Tickets
  • 1 Red Ticket
  • M92FS Red Line (perm)
  • 10 Blue Tickets
  • 1 Blue Ticket
  • Erdmann Mask (perm)
  • Uchigatana (Perm)
  • AK47 GoldSnake (Permanent)
  • AKS74U GoldSnake (Permanent)
  • DSR-1 GoldSnake (Permanent)

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