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Weapon Grenade M18 RED
Weapon: M18
Type: Smoke Grenade
Country of Origin: (US) United States of America
Popularity: High
  • Blue - 2,200
  • Red - 1,900
  • Purple - 1,700
  • Yellow - 1,500
GCoin: No
Quantity: 1
Damage: 0
Range: 30
Mobility: 80
Weight: 540g
Hidden Stats
Penetration: None
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: N/A


M18 Colored Smoke Grenade is a grenade used as a screening device in game. M18 appears in 4 different colors - Blue, Red, Purple and Yellow. All these grenades have small differences from each other.


  • Basic cover for movement over open areas
  • Distraction that diverts the attention of the enemy team
  • Covering the bomb in Demolition which can stall its detonation
  • The best of the smoke grenades are the XM49 and the red M18. The XM49 gives an instant smoke cover while the M18 can somewhat camouflage your name when an enemy has their crosshairs on you. 

M18 listEdit

Image Description Price
Weapon Grenade M18 BLUE The M18 BLUE is a grenade that emits blue smoke. It screens a smaller area than the M18 RED, but lasts longer. 2,200€
Weapon Grenade M18 RED M18 RED is a smoke grenade that emits red smoke. It's effect in blocking view is improved than that of AN-M8. 1,900€
Weapon Grenade M18 PURPLE The M18 PURPLE is a smoke grenade that emits purple smoke. It screens a smaller area than the M18 YELLOW, but lasts longer. 1,700€
Weapon Grenade M18 YELLOW The M18 YELLOW is a smoke grenade emitting yellow smoke. It provides a wider and longer lasting screen than that of AN-M8. 1,500€

GIF GalleryEdit

  • M18 RED Draw
  • M18 RED Idle
  • M18 RED Throw
  • M18 RED Toss
  • M18 RED Sprint

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