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M18 Red
Weapon Grenade M18 RED
Weapon: M18 Red
Type: Smoke Grenade
Country of Origin: (US) United States of America
Popularity: High
Euro(s): 1,900
GCoin: No
Quantity: 1
Damage: 0
Range: 30
Mobility: 80
Weight: 540g
Hidden Stats
Penetration: None
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: 11sec


M18 Red Smoke Grenade is a grenade used as a screening device in game. M18 Red covers surface with a diameter of 8 meters but lasts only 11 sec. Because if its short duration this nade is mostly for distraction or covering rush from room to room (to prevent snipers for killing) .


  • Basic cover for movement over open areas
  • Distraction that diverts the attention of the enemy team
  • Covering the bomb in Demolition which can stall its detonation but better will be M18 Gray as it lasts longer.
  • Shorten the distance on open/large areas (useful for pointmans because they use guns with short range)
  • Covering rush on enemies camping doors or small areas



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