Introduction Edit

Generally, masks are used for their abilities or just for appearance and customization. Most masks are just for looks, but there are some masks that provide special abilities and perks. Some masks will not appear on certain character skins because of the mask has not been made with that character model at all yet. Most notably, the female character skins.

Masks are categorized into three main categories:

Special Ability - May provide combative perks or additional benefits

Lucky Shot Bonus - Increase Euro reward amount after completing a match

Cosmetic - Just for customization

The other few are simply obtained either from promotional events or rewarded in-game for free.

Special Ability Masks Edit

These masks have abilities to allow the player to benefit from in combat.

  • Luchador Blue (5% Increased Movement Speed and 3% Lucky Shot Bonus Chance)
  • Red Snake Mask (5% Increased Movement Speed and 5% Lucky Shot Bonus Chance)
  • Joker Mask (Increased Melee damage protection, but decreased Movement Speed)
  • Clan Mask (Additional 10% increase of Bonus Clan Points per clan war)

Lucky Shot Bonuses Masks Edit

Formerly, giving the player additional Battle Points, Lucky Shot Bonuses are used to make additional Euro profit.

Fortune Stars/Promotional Edit

Generally, these masks are distributed out when during promotional periods at expensive prices.

Co-Op Rewards Edit

These masks are given to players who complete Co-Op missions.

List of Co-Op missions to receive the masks listed below:

  • Train
  • Prison Break (Rescue)
  • OverRider
  • Death Valley (Original)
  • Death Valley 2.0

Both former and current obtainable masks:


  • Panfilov Mask (Obtained from the former version of Death Valley)


  • Erdmann Mask (Obtained from killing the final boss in Train and from Loot Box from Aeria Ignite)
  • Panfilov Denar (Obtained from completing normal Death Valley achievements)
  • Panfilov Patina (Obtained from completing easy Death Valley achievements)
  • Viper Mask (Obtained from Prison Break (Rescue) completion)
  • OverRider Emperor (Obtained from OverRider mode as a very rare reward)

Balaclava Variants Edit

These masks are just cosmetic and do not appear to be worn on character skins.

Cosmetic Edit

These masks do not provide any perks whatsoever, they are only for show and looks.

Upcoming Masks Edit

These masks are either released in other versions of A.V.A. or not even released content yet.

  • Red Snake Mask (5% Increased Movement Speed and 5% Lucky Shot Bonus Chance)

Trivia Edit

  • The Joker Mask, Balaclavas, and the Panfilov Masks do not appear on character skins when worn.

Media Edit


-A.V.A- Alliance of Valiant Arms Skull Camo Mask

Gallery Edit

Prisoner mask red RESIZED

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