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If player will play in Match game at least 6min he will be awarded with one of below rewards

Reward Duration Frequency
500 BP Once Extremly rare
200 BP Once Very rare
100 BP Once Rare
50 BP Once Rare
20 BP Once Common
10 BP Once Most common
Iyan SH09 Helmet 1 Day Very rare
Iyan SA09 Kevlar 1 Day Very rare
Iyan SD09 Camo 1 Day Very rare
Iyan SG09 Gloves 1 Day Very rare
Iyan SB09 Combat Shoes 1 Day Rare
Iyan SP09 Joint Protector 1 Day Rare
M116A1 Flash Granade II 1 Day Common
M18 RED smoke grenade II 1 Day Most common
M18 GRAY smoke grenade II 1 Day Most common

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