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Melee Weapons might seem insignificant in a first person shooter game like Alliance of Valiant Arms, but there is a purpose for a knife. That purpose is to be used as a last resort option especially if the individual ran out of ammunition or vice versa, they do want to save ammunition and still defend themselves, or for being stealthy in a situation.

However, Infection camo I, Infection camo II, Camouflage ST, provide 25% protection against melee damage. Although, it is proven that the Uniform category of the armor will protect the individual from both explosion and melee damage. Another fact is that, gloves can increase damage to melee and increase accuracy when shooting a firearm.

There are currently 3 weapon types for melee, short ranged, medium ranged, and long ranged. Each weapon has it's specific ROF, damage, accuracy, and mobility. These factors make the weapon's specific usage.

Stats of the different groups:

Stats and Category

Short Range

Medium Range

Long Range

Damage 35-55 35-60 55-60
RoF 25-29 20-26 20-26 (71 with Red Slasher)
Range 4-5 6-7 8-11


Short ranged: Field Knife, Folding Knife, Hatchets.

Medium ranged: Boa Kukri, Love Bat, Nunchuks.

Long ranged: Uchigatana, Ignis Scythe, Sledge Hammer.

List of categorized Melee Weapons Edit

Default Edit

Every soldier has one in their inventory.

Fast knives Edit

These weapons generally have a RoF 25-29 and damage of 35-55, but have a range of 4-5.

Bat skins Edit

These are the most common weapons that will have a variety of skins along with being widely used and obtainable.

Nunchaku Edit

Chocolate Bats Edit

Mace skins Edit

It may provide decent range and attack speed, but it inflicts weak damage.

Kukris Edit

These weapons are considered as a standard melee weapon.

Shovels Edit

These weapons have similar range to a bat and it has the speed faster than a kukri but slower than any hatchet.

Flowers Edit

These weapons are similar to Shovel skins.

Hand Axes Edit

Hand Axes are similar but weaker compared to Hatchet skins.

Hatchets Edit

These weapons have a range of 4, but they have a RoF of 27 along with 55 damage.

Food Clubs Edit

These weapons have a RoF of 20, but they have a range of 7 along with 60 damage.

  • Watermelon Bar (Only to be obtained from Flash sales and Tiered Spenders)
  • Baked Corn Bat (formerly obtainable from Coupon currency, only to be obtained from Flash sales and Tiered Spenders)

Food trays Edit

These knives are the most difficult to handle, yet shows true skill.

Circular Saws Edit

These saws are obtained from completeing certain missions.

Chainsaws Edit

Long Ranged Edit

Mainly used for long reach attacks with a safe distance.

Medium Ranged Edit

Well balanced weaponry that consists of fair speed, damage, and range. It also provides great mobility.

  • General Rooster
  • Tri Crystal Edge
  • Tri Edge (Currently available in other versions of A.V.A.)
  • Kukris (see Kukri section)
  • Shovel skins (see Shovel skins section)
  • Rapier
  • Mace skins (see Mace skins section)
  • Bats (see Bats section)
  • Food Clubs (see Food Clubs section)

Short Ranged Edit

Often used for fast attacking speed and mobility. However, it can tank more often if not used properly.

  • Fast Knives (See Fast Knives section)
  • Food trays (see Food tray section)
  • Hatchets (See Hatchets section)

Miscellaneous Edit

These weapons do not have a set category.

  • Weapon (Flaming Scythe used from Infection mode; unfortunately it can be used by hackers in other game modes. In other versions of A.V.A., after killing a person with it, their corpse will be caught on fire.)
  • MX-01 Saw Gun (used only in new Co-op missions; it has three hundred ammunition and players call hold the left click option to auto attack)
  • Bloody Axe (rewarded from a Clan Championship glitch, but never fixed. Same stats as Field Knife, but with nine range)
  • White Van (players can drive in the vehicle and ram other players over to kill them while in Last Man Standing. There are two Vans within the map Area 51)
  • Infection Claws
  • Female Leader Infection Scissors
  • Rapier
  • Raging Fists (Only used during the Last Man Standing game mode)
  • Atayal Double Ten
  • Wukong Stick

A list of weapons categorized as melee weapons can be found on the Category:Melee Weapon page.

Exclusive Melee Weapons Edit

These melee weapons are limited edition only obtainable at their promotional period.

Bayonet Attachment Firearms Edit

Once wielded or picked up, players can have the option to right-click with these guns to perform a melee attack.

Upcoming Melee Weapons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Some players may think the Arisaka can perform a melee attack due to having a bayonet attachment, but it is only cosmetic. The right-click option zooms in iron sight for better accuracy for the bullet(s) when fired.
  • Also, the AK-47 Gold Snake, which does look like it would have a melee attack such as it's other variant AK-47 Black Snake but, it does not and it will zoom in instead of an melee attack.
  • There are more skins released for Bats compared to any other weapon category.
  • The fastest melee weapon is the Folding Knife and the Liquid Blade, it has a RoF of 29, which is the highest compared to any other melee weapon. However, despite the fact that both the Red Slasher and the Jason Chain Saw both have a RoF of 70, the Folding Knife and the Liquid Blade are seen to be the fastest overall.
  • The Uchigatana has a unique ability to hold the right click attack option before swinging at a target. Thus, making this one of the most overpowering melee weapons in-game.
  • Sledge Hammer, Panzer Shovel, and Blitz Panzer Shovel are currently the only melee weapons with a different slash mark. For example, if a player were to hit a wall or the floor it will show an imprint of the hammerhead itself instead of a slash mark.
  • Chainsaws, Circular Saws, and the Flaming Scythe enables players to inflict multiple slash marks on to any object.
  • The melee weapons that are considered free to get permanent are Field Knife, Black and Silver Nunchucks, Circular Saws from Last Man Standing and Train missions, both versions of Panzer Shovels, both Train Eisbeils, Uchigatana, Blue Zonda Bat, both OverRider Kukris, Roast Bronze Bat, and Tai-chi sword for 100 Red tickets from Daily attendance and Loot box. This also include the promotional melee weapon that is featured in the capsule shop.
  • Players can use a Boa Kukri for free only in the Temple demolition map.
  • Players can use a Anaconda Kukri for free if they win the final round of A.V.A. Sports.
  • Players can use a Prisoner's Foodtray for free when playing the Train Co-Op mission.
  • Folding Knife can be won timed from the chests from Last Man Standing.
  • Uchigatana can be won permanent for free from Loot box from Aeria Ignite launcher and chests from Last Man Standing.
  • Bayonet Attachment firearms are allowed in Melee only rooms. However, if a player were to shoot with the gun, that player get shot down until he/she is kicked.
  • Players can use the AK-47 Antique for free temporary in Train, OverRider, and Last Man Standing missions.

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Melee weaponry

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Mace of Vampire
Kukri Green
AVA 2012-09-09 09-41-33-85
Anaconda khukuri h

Close up in detail of an Anaconda Kukri

AVA 110910 164904 00

Art work from using a melee weapon.

Player Bloody Axe

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