Pumpkin Grenade
Pumpkin Grenade
Weapon: Pumpkin Grenade
Type: Contact Grenade
Country of Origin: N/A
Popularity: High
Euro(s): N/A
GCoin: N/A
Quantity: 1
Damage: N/A
Range: N/A
Mobility: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hidden Stats
Penetration: N/A
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: Contact
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A grenade added to celebrate Halloween 2010. Its physical appearance takes the form of a small jack-o-lantern. When thrown, it detonates on impact, leaving behind an orange jack-o-lantern pattern on the surface it exploded on instead of a normal black burn.

It is commonly banned in Demolition rooms by higher ranking players, as many many noobs take advantage of its instant detonation to spam against other players.

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