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Players in A.V.A receive exp points after each match they play. Depending on how well they did, how long they stayed alive, how many rounds they won, the type of game being played, and if they won the game or not. the amount of exp awarded can greatly vary from match to match. Once a player has attained a certain amount of exp, they may increase in level. As levels increase, new things become available, such as armor and guns.

All players start at "Trainee".

Most guns become available at the "Staff Sergeant" Levels, such as the Remington870 (Staff Sergeant 1), the P90 (Staff Sergeant 2), and the TPG1 (Staff Sergeant 3). As the player goes through the trainee levels (All levels before Staff Sergeant), they will be awarded 10,000 Euros per level up. This allows easy weapon purchase upon reaching the required level of Staff Sergeant or higher.

Now there are "Level Up Rewards".

Articles describing ranks in more detail (categorized as ranks) can be found on the Cate

Complete list of all ranks:

(1) Trainee
(2) Private
(3) Private First Class
(4) Corporal
(5) Sergeant
(6) Staff Sergeant Lv 1
(7) Staff Sergeant Lv 2
(8) Staff Sergeant Lv 3
(9) Staff Sergeant Lv 4
(10) Staff Sergeant Lv 5
(11) Sergeant First Class Lv 1
(12) Sergeant First Class Lv 2
(13) Sergeant First Class Lv 3
(14) Sergeant First Class Lv 4
(15) Sergeant First Class Lv 5
(16) Master Sergeant Lv 1
(17) Master Sergeant Lv 2
(18) Master Sergeant Lv 3
(19) Master Sergeant Lv 4
(20) Master Sergeant Lv 5
(21) Second Lieutenant Lv 1
(22) Second Lieutenant Lv 2
(23) Second Lieutenant Lv 3
(24) Second Lieutenant Lv 4
(25) Second Lieutenant Lv 5
(26) First Lieutenant Lv 1
(27) First Lieutenant Lv 2
(28) First Lieutenant Lv 3
(29) First Lieutenant Lv 4
(30) First Lieutenant Lv 5
(31) Captain Lv 1
(32) Captain Lv 2
(33) Captain Lv 3
(34) Captain Lv 4
(35) Captain Lv 5
(36) Major Lv 1
(37) Major Lv 2
(38) Major Lv 3
(39) Major Lv 4
(40) Major Lv 5
(41) Lieutenant Colonel Lv 1
(42) Lieutenant Colonel Lv 2
(43) Lieutenant Colonel Lv 3
(44) Lieutenant Colonel Lv 4
(45) Lieutenant Colonel Lv 5
(46) Colonel Lv 1
(47) Colonel Lv 2
(48) Colonel Lv 3
(49) Colonel Lv 4
(50) Colonel Lv 5
(51) Brigadier Lv 1 (Brigadier General)*
(52) Brigadier Lv 2 (Major General)*
(53) Brigadier Lv 3 (Lieutenant General)*

*When hoovering your mouse over your at level at these ranks, it will mention those above.


Unobtainable RanksEdit

These were the former ranks on the older version of the game.

(51) Brigadier General Brigadier General
(52) Major General Major General
(53) Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
(54) General General
(55) Marshal Marshal

Level Up Rewards Edit


SOME REWARDS ARE OUTDATED -->Waiting for more informations

Experience Chart Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Formerly, players can only obtain Brigadier General rank, now players can get through all 3 Levels of Brigadier.

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