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Secondary Weapons are used by all classes. Secondary Weapons can be used instead of reloading while engaging the enemy, or when ammunition for the Primary Weapon has completely run out.

Secondary Weapons can be classified as one of the following three categories: Pistols, machine pistols (automatic, but with a low damage and accuracy), and revolvers (high damage, but have a small magazine and slow reload speed).

Snipers must be proficient with Secondary Weapons because their Primary Weapons are built for long range and not easily adaptable like those of Riflemen.

It is generally ill-advised to attempt to use secondaries as a "primary" weapons since they tend to have small magazine sizes, but some weapons have proven themselves to be quite powerful in the right hands, particularly the capsule weapons.

The MK23 SOCOM, Beretta 92FS, and TMP have gained much praise for non-capsule weapons. Among capsule weapons, the FN-57, Walther P38, Ingram MAC-10 and Python 357 are greatly praised. The only secondaries which have gained bad reputations are the P226 and the Skorpion vz 61, and they are not recommended as sidearms due to their relative inability to kill.

A list of weapons categorized as secondary weapons can be found on the Category:Secondary Weapon page.

Secondary Weapon Base Stat Comparison DatatableEdit

Weapon (Pistol) Damage Range Accuracy Stability Mobility Rate of Fire Magazine Size Draw time (s) Rank Requirement
Beretta92FS341065459535150.6(6) Staff Sergeant Lv 1
Beretta M93Ra2996445957520(1) Trainee
Colt SAA58145040702860.6(1) Trainee
CZ75331060509535160.6(1) Trainee
Desert Eagle60105020702070.8

(1) Trainee

FN5730116545957020(1) Trainee
Glock21C341060409535130.6(1) Trainee
Ingram MAC-10261050409583321.2(8) Staff Sergeant Lv 3
Luger P-08507655395507(1) Trainee
MK23 SOCOM401260507025121.9(11) Sergeant First Class Lv 1
P226321065459025150.8(1) Trainee
Python 3576585525702261.0(1) Trainee
Skorpion vz 61291030309075101.0(1) Trainee
Stechkin APS271035259070201.2(6) Staff Sergeant Lv 1
Ruger Super Redhawk 7282720751161.0(8) Staff Sergeant Lv 3
SW191138146050702880.9(11) Sergeant First Class Lv 1
S&W M29 757302070126(1) Trainee

(16) Master Sergeant Lv 1

Walther P3860560 50953570.6(1) Trainee
Winchester M1887S629312370253(1) Trainee
S&W 500 Magnum 102 9 19 16 75 9 5 (1) Trainee

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