A female Kurdish sniper, she was a member of the PKK resistance. She later fought in the European War, but then disappeared. Some say she has been in the territory of the "Beast of Betrayal," the military force that emerged in Russia and Eastern Europe after the dissolution of the NRF.
  — Character Description 
Shenah Betrayal
Shenah Betrayal unmasked
Class: Sniper
Faction: N/A
Effects: Lucky Shot +2%

EXP +20%

Increase pistol damage
Price: NA

Overview Edit


Variants Edit

  • Shenah
  • Shenah Xmas
  • Shenah Summer

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

Shenah Betrayal masked Shenah Betrayal unmasked Shenah Betrayal unmasked

Media Edit

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