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  • BladeFrenzy

    as you can see WIKIA are hosting a competition for the best Halloween themed wiki, with the winners getting promoted in the wiki spotlight.

    I think we have a chance since we have Infection mode and Battle Begins.

    First, change the background to an Infection wallpaper. then changes those images on our front page for Weapons, Maps and Missions to Infection images as well. Change the poll to "How do you fight the infection?" Hole up/Camp, Solo, Team up, Get better weapons first. Change the trailer to an Infection trailer, and

    Change our theme colours from black and white to some combination or orange, red, or purple and black or white. (prob not purple) may…

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  • BladeFrenzy

    I'm looking for a competitive alternative to the nerfed M4A1 MK.3 - then again I think we all are.

    I'm looking for high rate of fire, low recoil, and not shitty damage like the MK. 2.

    By high rate of fire I mean at least 10.5 per second, 10 is not acceptable. Well, because low rof just gets dominated by Paras.

    In my search I found the HK416, CR21 and AMD65. FN F2000's rof is 10, so forget it. HK416 rof: 11, CR21 rof: 11, AMD65 rof: 10.25. I hear XM8 has low recoil, but it's rof is 10 as well, which was disappointing, but it has pretty good damage.

    HK416's recoil kicks quite a bit. CR21's damage is below average. AMD65 average rof and ~ok recoil but good damage.

    Right now, for me, it's really close between HK416 and CR21.

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  • BladeFrenzy

    Malkowitch's DPS stats

    October 12, 2012 by BladeFrenzy

    First of all, let us welcome our newest editor Malkowitch who just joined us yesterday with his addition of the DPS column to our Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun and Shotgun datatables.

    I'm guessing you just multiplied the damage by the firerate. While this is useful, the true, in-game DPS is not so simple. Let me explain.

    First of all, the stats given by the ava developers only serve as a rough guide. Does the AKs-74U (36 damage) really do more damage than 23 rifles? No. No submachine gun does more damage than an assault rifle beyond 10 metres. Some of the RoF stats are just wrong. In-game RoFs range from 8.5 to 15 shots per second. Almost all assault rifles are 9.5~10.5.

    damage drop-off - the further away you are the less damage you can deal.…

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  • BladeFrenzy

    I'll be back

    September 20, 2012 by BladeFrenzy

    Hopefully, in 2 months time, I'll have completed my Higher School Certificate (or High School Certificate, dunno which it is that HSC stands for) and I'll be back playing AVA.

    First thing that I noticed: that stupid badges system that "ranks" people's "contributions" that killed the Combat Arms wiki two years ago (apart from the ridiculous amounts of unnecessary updates and additions to the game) where people were just trying to get points >_>.

    Kudos to ComradeOscar and FireDart who have kept the wiki strong. Hi to all the newbies =P I hope you enjoy the wiki as much as I do.

    Google Translate the Japanese AVA Wiki - they know their stuff

    Watched Gentlemen vs The World, uploaded to Youtube by opuim123 (Snowshovel from DefkoN) fuarrrrrrrrrrr...


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  • BladeFrenzy

    damage v range

    August 15, 2011 by BladeFrenzy

    I don't even need to ask to know lots of people out there are using damage mods instead of range mods where possible.
    Don't get me wrong, damage mods are good if it suits your play style, ie CQB-like. Range mods on the other hand usualy don't have stability or acc penalties, and drastically increase your damage output. Close range there is little effect because a 4 shot kill is still a 4 shot kill, but at long range, an 8 shot kill could potentially become a 5~6 shot kill.

    any AVA player should know this.

    The other question is whether the range bonuses from Dots and ACOGs apply when you aren't scoped in.

    I've also seen people getting guns that have big names from outside, eg G36E, FA-MAS F1, AUG A1, L85A2 that wouldn't live up to their names a…

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