Hopefully, in 2 months time, I'll have completed my Higher School Certificate (or High School Certificate, dunno which it is that HSC stands for) and I'll be back playing AVA.

First thing that I noticed: that stupid badges system that "ranks" people's "contributions" that killed the Combat Arms wiki two years ago (apart from the ridiculous amounts of unnecessary updates and additions to the game) where people were just trying to get points >_>.

Kudos to ComradeOscar and FireDart who have kept the wiki strong. Hi to all the newbies =P I hope you enjoy the wiki as much as I do.

Google Translate the Japanese AVA Wiki - they know their stuff

Watched Gentlemen vs The World, uploaded to Youtube by opuim123 (Snowshovel from DefkoN) fuarrrrrrrrrrr...

Can someone check for me the actual in-game firerates of the Remington870 and the FN-TPS and compare the recoil of the XM8 and the HK416 for me?

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