First of all, let us welcome our newest editor Malkowitch who just joined us yesterday with his addition of the DPS column to our Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun and Shotgun datatables.

I'm guessing you just multiplied the damage by the firerate. While this is useful, the true, in-game DPS is not so simple. Let me explain.

First of all, the stats given by the ava developers only serve as a rough guide. Does the AKs-74U (36 damage) really do more damage than 23 rifles? No. No submachine gun does more damage than an assault rifle beyond 10 metres. Some of the RoF stats are just wrong. In-game RoFs range from 8.5 to 15 shots per second. Almost all assault rifles are 9.5~10.5.

damage drop-off - the further away you are the less damage you can deal. well I guess if both opponents are shooting at each other from the same distance, then the damage drop should be proportional, but what if they're not?

armor penetration. how much of the damage is negated by armor? or is it incorporated in the damage stat ie. damage = damage delt to hp and armor damage taken randomly?

accuracy/recoil. not all the shots will hit the target.

does 1 damage = 1 rate of fire? or should they be weighted differently.

and finally, damage and rof can be often be modded.

You've given us a lot to think about. What can these raw 4 digit numbers mean to us?

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