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Weapon choice help please

I'm looking for a competitive alternative to the nerfed M4A1 MK.3 - then again I think we all are.

I'm looking for high rate of fire, low recoil, and not shitty damage like the MK. 2.

By high rate of fire I mean at least 10.5 per second, 10 is not acceptable. Well, because low rof just gets dominated by Paras.

In my search I found the HK416, CR21 and AMD65. FN F2000's rof is 10, so forget it. HK416 rof: 11, CR21 rof: 11, AMD65 rof: 10.25. I hear XM8 has low recoil, but it's rof is 10 as well, which was disappointing, but it has pretty good damage.

HK416's recoil kicks quite a bit. CR21's damage is below average. AMD65 average rof and ~ok recoil but good damage.

Right now, for me, it's really close between HK416 and CR21.

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