I don't even need to ask to know lots of people out there are using damage mods instead of range mods where possible.
Don't get me wrong, damage mods are good if it suits your play style, ie CQB-like. Range mods on the other hand usualy don't have stability or acc penalties, and drastically increase your damage output. Close range there is little effect because a 4 shot kill is still a 4 shot kill, but at long range, an 8 shot kill could potentially become a 5~6 shot kill.

any AVA player should know this.

The other question is whether the range bonuses from Dots and ACOGs apply when you aren't scoped in.

I've also seen people getting guns that have big names from outside, eg G36E, FA-MAS F1, AUG A1, L85A2 that wouldn't live up to their names as much as people might like. I think they should do the research beforehand (like me =P) so that they don't waste their hard earned points.

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