So lately, I've noticed that the population of players in the East Coast Server has dropped dramatically. Whenever I tried to jump into a game beforehand, it wasn't a problem because there was always at least two full pages worth of games in the Show Available
tab. Recently when I try to do the same option, I only get a little less than a page of games in the Show Available tab. Oddly enough, I feel like the population has dropped ever since the 10-20-11 update, but I can't seem to speculate why. That update didn't bring anything that was unpopular to the community (Unlike Combat Arms' introduction of Specialists, which infuriated the Free-2-Play community and made the total player population begin to fall out). My only two theories thus far are the release of Battlefield 3 or West Coast players finding out about a server in their service area and migrating there (I overheard a GM talking to players in the lobby a while back). I know that for some this is no cause for alarm, but it gets tiring meeting the same players in every game I play. I'm also fearing that the game will become deserted soon as well, and that will leave the shell of a formerly great F2P game. Am I worrying about something trivial, or are my concerns valid?

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