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An AVA Wikia Clan?

I'm probably out of my league and power to request such a thing, but here goes:

So I was dropping by the CA wikia the other day, and noticed a blog by Mclinsky where he asks the wikia community if they should band together and create a clan wikia. Many freelancers jumped at the idea, but several other users voiced that it was a bad idea simply because they didn't want to leave their prior clans, which is completely understandable.

So now I ask, AVA Wikia community (which is quite frankly, like 4 people...), would YOU like a clan such as this to exist? I suppost the idea simply because I believe it will make our community more tight-knit and closer as compared to several other FPS wikias. Is it a good idea, or am I just tooting my own horn here (Figuratively, of course)?

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