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  • Malkowitch

    Few days ago I was reading interview with main GM of UAVA - GMvash. It looks like there is no way, perment weapons will go back in near future. To say more, it is almost sure all new weapons in euroshop will be timed. So i propose to start updating weapons prices.

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  • Malkowitch

    If you hate UAV hack as hard as I do please add post in this AVA Forum Thread:

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  • Malkowitch

    MP7A1 Bahamut

    January 2, 2013 by Malkowitch

    Did you saw MP7A1 Bahamut. It is custom version of MP7A1. DPS is much better then DesNOOBus and it can became another overpowered gun - a potential NoobModus killer. And its texture :D Wow.

    Because of hacks and constant disconnects this gun can become my ONLY reason to stick to AVA.

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  • Malkowitch

    I'm a huge fan of Pointman in big Escort Maps. After buying MP7A1 I started to use silencer. Of course it wasn't long before players started to accuse me of hacking :) Many players just don't know that silencer removes you from radar. The only way to see you on radar is to be marked by UAV. It is just ideal for flanking. There is one problem with it: Only weapons that have auto-equipped silencer doesn't have range and damage drops when silenced. In short it means that 1 on 1 you die faster :) Recently Aeria made an important update. Most of you normal players didn't even noticed it but they added Field Manuals. There is one called Silencer Field Manual. In description you can read that it equips silencer every time you spawn. What is not wr…

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  • Malkowitch

    I just hate it most. Every noob that has some luck, buys it and spray every where he sees enemy. No skills, no strategy. Recently I see even more, some noob that camped as assault with Desnoobus every round. Cant they move it to regular shop for a Captain Rank? Or just throw it away

    I know its PROs gun and its controversial but macro noobs makes this gun hated. The worst is the Aeria can't even ban them cause they are to busy creating new AP items or new bugs.

    This is one of the type I call "Can't aim? Buy it!".

    Where is the fun with killing enemy when you know where he is. Or am I simply "different"?

    How many times I lost game because Commander is a noob that can't or don't use bino. There are also (oddly) hight ranks players that get binos, …

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