Silencer Field Manual

I'm a huge fan of Pointman in big Escort Maps. After buying MP7A1 I started to use silencer. Of course it wasn't long before players started to accuse me of hacking :) Many players just don't know that silencer removes you from radar. The only way to see you on radar is to be marked by UAV. It is just ideal for flanking. There is one problem with it: Only weapons that have auto-equipped silencer doesn't have range and damage drops when silenced. In short it means that 1 on 1 you die faster :) Recently Aeria made an important update. Most of you normal players didn't even noticed it but they added Field Manuals. There is one called Silencer Field Manual. In description you can read that it equips silencer every time you spawn. What is not written there is that equipped silencer works like an upgraded version of Advanced Silencer: it doesn't reduce ANY gun stat, not even penetration (what happens with Advanced Silencer). I can be wrong but sometimes it even gives you a little damage kick. So it is MUST HAVE for every Pointman that use gun with silencer (also those with auto-equipped, it will prevent from loosing penetration for them)

Silencer Field Manual cost:

  • 7 days - 180BP
  • 15 days - 320BP

Surprise Attack Field Manual

It is another interesting update for every Pointman. In description you can read that it increase damage from on from attacks from behind. What is not written is that it gives about 30% damage more. It doesn't look so hight. But look at this MP7 example:

27dmg + 30% = 35.1dmg per shot

Normal DPS for MP7A1 is 2187. DPS after Field Manual equipped raises to amazing 2843,1 - It is the highest DPS for Sub Machine Gun on AVA! Note that it only applies to attacks from behind.

Surprise Attack Field manual cost:

  • 7 days - 180BP
  • 15 days -320BP

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