aka DisBoinkz

  • I live in Space
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is creating big bangs... One universe at a time.
  • I am a massive collection of universal energies.
  • Mike.daninja

    Welcome to the introduction of me. This is just a basic factual outline to get to know the basics of me, the truth of me is something you can find by getting to know me better. Otherwise? I dunno.

    Nickname: Ninja

    Gammertag: DisBoinkz

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Relation to Age: Born in Shannon, Ireland

    Occupation: Local Musician (L. Guitar)

    Likes: Metal, Skateboarding, FPS, MMO, Pizza, Beer, Friends

    Dislikes: Own classification of "idiots", dimwits and general jerks.

    I've learned alot in my journy on earth, even if it is a short one. I hold many wisdoms and secrets, as well as a spark of intelligence based on a "need" to learn.

    Indeed talking with me can seem deep, and very philosophical. But equally, I hold to my age and still enjoy to party and have a go…

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