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A.V.A Wikia Clean-up

Goal: Add Ranks (Template), Country of Origin (Template, 250px Weapon Image, Categories, sub sections, change GCoin to AP & remove unneeded stubs.

Current Progress:

Assault Rifles [10%]

K2 Rail, FA-MAS MK.3, FA-MAS F1, Remington R4, XM8, CR-21, AK-107bis, Diemaco C7A2, M4A1 MK.3, FN-F2000, AK-47, AK47 MK.3

Sniper Rifles [100%] (Needs AP added)

Shotguns [100%] (Needs AP added)

Sub Machine Guns [0%]

Secondaries [0%]

Grenades [90%] (EchoCharlie)

Gear [0%]

Maps [0%]

This clean-up does not include adding major amount of content, just updating a few things (like using proper templates) and add missing categories.

Guidelines (Re-posted)

For quality content each page should have a Template:Weapon with at least 60% of the content filled (Can vary since some guns don't have the stats. Also the kill-feed icon is really not a big deal but nice to have).

Each page should have these basic sections

==Recommended Builds==
==Notable Comparisons==

Each page should have this template at the bottom:


Each page should have the appropriate categories:


[[Category:Sniper Rifle]]


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