Hey guys,

This is a short blog post about what's new.

1. You can insert a rank/level with an icon of the rank using the new template:

{{Rank|<Level Number>}}


2. New "Levels" page is called Rank. You can reference any rank to a user by giving him a link like so:

[[Rank#<Level Number>]]

Rank Page

3. You can anchor to a part of the page using the new Anchor Template.

;So first you need to create a link, like so:

[[Page Title#This would be he Anchor]]

;Then you need to anchor that link to the page so use the new template

{{anchor|This would be he Anchor}}

;Note that the anchor is the same after # and in the anchor template



This weapon requires Rank of 20 ((20) Master Sergeant Lv 5)

Not a huge update but worth mentioning for future editors.


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