• Unkhowman

    ____This personal blog is mostly about the weapon statistics in AVA I've been record and measure for 2 years. Sadly, as the SEA-AVA is now closed , and my university life is now getting more and more intense. I decided to end the project (at least, for now) and publish the result of my finding, it may be not the best , or correct compared to other findings.


    1. I measured the rate of fire from the weapon's "attack interval" (time between shot) 

    2. The measurement were taken from a video, which has been recorded at 30 FPS (in-game record). Frames rounding will affect the measurement, anything more sensitive than 0.1 second and rate of fire will be an aproximate number, not an actual one.

    3. Weapon's name/ modification may varies betwe…

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  • Unkhowman

    Since I played AVA, I've been doing a project on measuring weapon rate of fire and it's magnification (I called the latter as "many-magnification project" ) and posted on the webboard of "Thailand AVA" .But now, the game is going to be close on December 15th, as well as the game's webboard . So I decided to move the project's content to here  by creating my personal blog and just copy-paste it. But before I do it, I have a question, should I do it?  even though  most of the information is not listed in the weapon's status (such as rate of fire, draw time and reload time) but for me, the information I have may be "too personal" and may not be suitable for wikia. So I decide to ask you and admin, should I do it or not. if I can, how should I…

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  • Unkhowman

    According to the recent post from Asiasoft (Distributor for SEA [Yes, and Thai server as well] version of AVA)

    The AVA game of South-East asia server will be discontinued in December 15th, 2014 as the game developer refused to extend the distribution licence of the game.

    Source (Thai Language, Google translate doesn't work):


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  • Unkhowman

    It's looks like that KAVA just release the new patch that change most of the weapon stats

    This is what he posted on SEA AVA BBS

    Cash capsule

    - Blue Skull: dmg 90 -> 44

    - Dual TMP: dmg 23 -> 26

    - Kriss Humble V: dmg 35 -> 39

    - M1A1 Thompson: dmg 33 -> 37

    - Trenchgun M1897: dmg 74 -> 43

    Euro capsule

    - AKS-74U Desmodus: dmg 36 -> 34, range: 30 -> 23, acc 41, stab 33 -> 31, mobi 75 -> 77, rof 69 -> 71

    - Bizon Arachne: dmg 31 -> 34, acc 82 -> 81, ammo 64 -> 63

    - Dual Uzi: dmg 24 -> 22

    - MP7A1 Bahamut: dmg 30 -> 34

    - P90 Harimau: dmg 32 -> 34

    Weapon shop

    - AKS-74U: dmg 36 -> 40

    - Benelli M1014: dmg 90 -> 43

    - Bizon PP-19: dmg 31 -> 34

    - Calico M950: dmg 32 -> 36

    - FN TPS: dmg 91 -> 45

    - KBP PP-2000: dmg 32 -> 36, range 20 -> 21

    - Kriss Super V: dmg 34 -> 38

    - K1A1 Ra…

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  • Unkhowman

    UZI Mod 0

    August 2, 2012 by Unkhowman

    The Korea AVA is just replace all the UZI with the " UZI Mod 0 "

    Should I edit the old page or make the new page about it ?

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