I just recently heard the news from the game developer team from my friends in THAVA webboard

The message says

Hello Redeudeok ABBA (AVA) is the development team.

Currently ABBA (AVA) has the biggest problem with 'game stability' and 'game balance' that two kinds of thoughts are our team.

Among them, today, Ava (AVA) of the game balance will want covered. With respect to ' character ' and 'firearms' divided into two parts, etc. Let me tell you.

First gun is

ABBA (AVA) of the early days of the service of various firearms are well-balanced and loved by many users come to you. However, the service lasts a firearm greatly increased numbers, which in order to care for novice users, such as the so-called third generation of MK3 with the advent of firearms firearms found on balance seems to be the beginning of your scolding.

The so-called "fun to use various firearms disappeared", "the fun of fighting disappeared" is noted.

There are of course also point this out. However, when compared with other online FPS games, Ava (AVA) guns used in the uniform yinya readily agree that it is difficult to section.

Of users who use your gun M4A1 MK3 is one of the most universal, and less than 10 percent utilization rate is not surprisingly.

ABBA (AVA), depending on the individual's taste because it is being used by a relatively wide range firearms, firearms upset balance of the uniform as a major problem seems to not be able to see.

On the other hand, increases the overall performance of a gun As the 'battle of the fun is gone' seriously and are part of. In addition, unlike the help of planning to invade the territory of the other bottles and guns also were released. If the sequential performance of these guns will continue to adjust.

Online FPS games to users 'total' soon 'user', and soon found itself the avatar 'total' performance, what is changing because the gun can be seen as stressful for those users, we also are aware of the thing. However, in spite of these side effects that you want to continue to work on performance tuning reasons, the balance (balance), really the most important factor in online FPS games because I think one of the.

Meetings, pre-experience opportunities through events such as already mentioned a few bars, but the right choices this first tuning a gun to target the following four positive.

[These 4 guns are gonna got nerf but , where is the F2K .]

- M4A1 MK3 - AK200 - Death modus - SA58 Para.

In addition, the following additional adjustments are reviewing the performance of a firearm.

- Dual TMP - Dual Uzi

Apart from the performance tuning issues, as I mentioned at a meeting with users, making a three guns again will do. That production is re-modeling and performance tuning as well as the concept is to create the texture again. (A remake of the internal team is called in)

In the year will be a remake and firearms are listed below.

Upon completion of their tasks under[Nerf] the gun a little bit will be available to you, and to minimize the burden on your existing gun owners can upgrade for free to help those who are planning to do.

[Buff these gun]

- Uzi - M16A2 - MSG90A1 - MP5K Rail MK2 - G36 Rail - SV98 - SPAS-twelve - AN94 - Dragunov SVD - UMP45

(However, the market order and no relation)

The following characters are

First, 'Marek rejeunyak' market unlike the character, Francesca Ray polrenta 'character release due to a problem which turned the balance for a team that is a very regrettable.

If the range is the same shot, no matter how the character feels slightly smaller size of the impact caused by somewhat about sex seems to be underestimated.

'Francesca Ray polrenta' compensation issues, as shown below will be mitigated by working. ('Marek rejeunyak' are not applicable.)

- Full size (body size) increases. -change costumes and accessories is also added to the concept. - Movement speed is adjusted to be the same as an existing character, and other additional properties will be given.

The above operations are currently ongoing, available in September jungeuro hope to apply.

Meanwhile, the 'game stability " and related haeseodo maximum effort from every angle, and comes out a concrete improvement will be happy to re-notice.

You listen to the voices of more mature than the ABBA (AVA) hope to create.

We always ABBA (AVA) gave love Thank you for your favorite.

Redeudeok ABBA (AVA) team compensation

Link here [Korea] :

PS : the word in "[ ]" is my note on this message

    Google translate's translation -> It's not gonna 100% Correct

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